How Is Argan Oil Extracted?

Argan oil is also called the ‘liquid gold’ due to its magical properties. Notonly does it help in enhancing the beauty but also improves the body health of …

Argan oil is also called the ‘liquid gold’ due to its magical properties. Notonly does it help in enhancing the beauty but also improves the body health of any human who applies or consumes it. Its rarity makes it very expensive to get, nonetheless many pharmaceutical industries are now using it in their medicines and beauty products for all to use and it is being purchased by all.Argan oil is very similar to prickly pear seed oil (shop).

Argan oil is extracted from the small forest of Argan trees found in Morocco. The production of argan oil is the sole responsibility of Moroccan women and they are making a great contribution to the economy of Morocco by doing so. They have come up with different ways to extract the oil. Here is how they do it.

The traditional way

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The Moroccan women first have to manually collect all the ripe fruits that grow on the Argantrees. After peeling off their skin and discarding all the pulp, the argon nuts are extracted from within the fruit. They are as big as an oliveand they are then broken by holding between the fingers and hammering them hard with a stone. The kernels that are derived are then spread on a clay plate to be roastedon high flames for a few minutes. This is if they have to prepare dietary argan oil. After they are properly roasted, the kernels are even further crushed using a millstone to produce a brown dough. The brown dough is kneaded with a little warm water and then left for a while.

There is no telling whether, the water used is clean or impure, which is one drawback of this way of producing argan oil. This turns it as solid as a brick. Soon a brown emulsion is released from it which is decanted for few more minutes so as to furnish argan oil. This residue is bitter in taste and has a small quantity of oil left. Since it is so precious and should not be wasted, the Moroccan women store it for the cattle to consume later. This method of extracting and producing argan oil is quite time-taking and difficult. Same is known about prickly pear seed oil as well.

The industrial way

Pharmaceutical industries have taken a keen interest inargan oil for its benefits. It can help in the area of medicine as well as producing better cosmetics for us to use. To make sure there are no faults such as impure water in the case of thetraditional method of extracting argan oil, the oil is prepared in laboratories. This way is efficient and less time-taking.


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