How Much Should You Risk in Forex Trading?

One thing is true when it comes to taking risks; If you do take a risk, you may lose it all or gain even more, but if you …

One thing is true when it comes to taking risks; If you do take a risk, you may lose it all or gain even more, but if you don’t take a risk you will never know what the outcome may have been. Risk taking is a part of life. You won’t succeed in life if you just never take risks.

However, when it comes to trading, those risks may end up making you or breaking you financially- especially if you don’t know what you are doing. That is one reason it’s important to consider who you choose as your trading broker before you just jump right in. Currency brokers like Tickmill know how to help you decide not only the difference between a good risk and a bad risk, but how much it would benefit you to risk.

Weighing the investment amount

When you talk to your trading broker, there are many things he will want to know before leading you in a particular direction as far as how much you put into it. One of the first things he may ask you is, how much are you realistically able to lose without it hurting too much.

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This is important because trading is risky business, no matter what you put your money into and how much of it you invest.  There are no guarantees when it comes to the market. You want to make sure you use money specifically set aside for trading. In other words, work it into your budget as money to come out. That way you will be preparing to see it go.

Another thing your trading broker will want to know is what you want to see happen; how much return are you hoping for? What time frame are you looking at? Is there a particular limit to how long you can give your investment to see how it is going to go- either up or down in value?


Looking at all the options you have to trade is important. Your trading broker can lead you along a good path to help you see all your options. Usually it’s a good idea to spread out the money and invest small amounts in different areas.

Also, before you agree on where to put your money, take a look at the time frame for the particular areas you are considering investing in. Look at a longer time frame, maybe an hour rather than 15 mins, to see how the market has been going.

Keep Emotions in Control

Having investments in the trading market can be similar to being on a roller coaster. There are many ups and downs, and the ride can leave you with your head spinning. It’s important to not act too quickly, as well as not take too long to change things up.

You can ask your Forex broker for help in determining when and how to change things up so you have the best chance of not losing. Don’t act on emotions or fear- and don’t act on excitement. Keep your emotions in control and you are more likely to make sensible choices, which lead to better results.

Taking risks is exciting. The best risk taking involves a little risk, with the possibility of a lot of return. You can have the best when you only risk the money set aside particularly for that purpose. You will be risking a little, but not your living. Be wise, talk to a broker first, and come up with a plan about how much is reasonable for you, what you want to see happen, and when to change things up, and you should see your risk result in the positive.


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