How to Build a Go-Kart Track in Your Backyard

If you’ve always loved the fun and frolic of racing go-karts, or you happen to have kids that are too young to start driving on city streets, you …

If you’ve always loved the fun and frolic of racing go-karts, or you happen to have kids that are too young to start driving on city streets, you might be keen on the prospect of building a go-kart. Luckily, there are all kinds of kits and tutorials to help you out with this personal or family project. But what can you do with your go-karts once you have them? Certainly, you could take them to public off-roading locations, but the speedy vehicles aren’t exactly designed for this type of treatment. Unlike dune buggies, dirt bikes, or 4-wheelers, go-karts aren’t necessarily made with the clearance and durability required for off-roading. And most established go-kart tracks won’t be keen to let you drive your own vehicle. This leaves you with two options. One: you could go to a nearby abandoned parking lot to race around, although this could attract the unwanted attention of the authorities. Or two: you could build a go-kart track in your own backyard. Here’s how to accomplish the latter. 

The first thing you’ll need is some space to work with, and it’s important that you understand the dynamics of racing before you get started. Think about all of the forethought that goes into building roads and setting speed limits to ensure that cars taking corners don’t go careening off the roadway because turns are too sharp or grades are too steep. The same amount of planning needs to go into creating your track if you want your backyard racing arena to be safe for your family and friends to drive on. 

So you might want to consult some kind of track-building expert to ensure that you have enough land available to build an appropriate track for your go-karts. Believe it or not, there are actually professionals and companies that specialize in exactly this type of planning and construction, although often on a commercial scale. And they can not only help you maximize your space, but they can also help you plan out the oval, figure eight, or other track configuration that works best for your backyard. 

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From there, you’ll want to contract for a variety of services. The best plan may be to hire a contractor (your planning specialist should be able to recommend a good vendor) that can get all of the labor and materials you’ll need for your unique project. Consequently, you won’t have to worry so much about getting bids for demolishing your current backyard, grading and stabilizing as needed, laying the concrete for your track, and installing any barriers or other supplies necessary to complete your go-kart track.

While you could certainly attempt to undertake these tasks on your own, safety should be your paramount concern. And hiring professionals will give you the best opportunity to create a go-kart track that is safe and sound. If you mess up, you’ll have to hire a remediation specialist like the Penhall Company to tear up and repair your concrete, so it’s probably best to do it right the first time. Most people don’t have the space or the money available to invest in a backyard go-kart track, but if you have both and you want to realize your lifelong dream of racing go-karts at any time of day or night, there’s no reason not to put together a team of pros to create a miniature replica of your favorite raceway on your property.


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