How to Choose Windows for Bath and Kitchen Remodel

After several years of living in a house or apartment most people collect enough money for a renovation and as a rule they consider kitchen and bath remodels …

After several years of living in a house or apartment most people collect enough money for a renovation and as a rule they consider kitchen and bath remodels in the first place. Designers explain that exactly these two rooms are so popular for remodels because people use them most in any house.

There are undoubtedly lots of things to consider when remodeling kitchens and bath rooms, including general design, floors, cabinets and counters, etc. However, if you are planning not only a small touchup but a complete change of these rooms, professional contractors from Canadian Choice Calgary Windows advise considering windows replacement to change the appearance and functionality of your new kitchen and bath. Below you can find three most important factors to consider before heading to the store.

Choose Style with Function in Mind

If you have huge kitchen and your bathroom is roomy then the choice of windows is wider for you. Unfortunately, these spaces are not ideal in most houses so you need to choose new windows wisely to make them both functional and stylish.

In kitchens most frequently you will have windows over the counters or sinks. For bathroom most common locations are above tubs, bathroom counters, and beside showers. It means that in both rooms the windows are hard to reach, so you should choose new replacement windows that are easy to operate. In this respect most professionals advise choosing sliding or casement windows. Both styles have a crank to open and are the best possible options for hard-to-reach places.

Another important factor for kitchen and bathroom windows is good amount of ventilation. With the proper ventilation you will be able to avoid mold and moisture issues as well as accumulation of bad smells from food preparation. In terms of ventilation Strathmore windows experts advise choosing awning windows.

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Choose the Right Window Material

As already stated above, both kitchens and bathrooms are rooms with higher level of humidity. Moreover, you remember that in general windows are situated there in hard to reach places. It means that you should choose materials that will withstand higher humidity and also be easy to clean. According to windows Strathmore experts materials like vinyl or fiberglass are perfect for both requirements.

Fiberglass windows will withstand extreme cold and heat, they are the most energy efficient units available in the market today, and they have the look of quality painted wooden windows. Vinyl windows are the best for price-value ratio, also energy efficient and require absolutely no maintenance except for standard mop cleaning.

Think about Additional Features

And the final advice that experts in windows Strathmore give is to think of what you want your windows to do for you. For instance, in bathrooms you would prefer to keep privacy and also have enough natural light. Kitchen windows will have to offer much ventilation and also have special coating to protect the house from UV-rays and extra heat. Consider your needs and then consult window professionals to include additional features in your units before their production to save money on pos-upgrades.

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