How to Easily Unpack Your Belongings after You have Moved to Your New Place

If you’re in the middle of the move, you’re relieved that you have finally arrived at your new destination and can start unpacking, making yourself at home. But …

If you’re in the middle of the move, you’re relieved that you have finally arrived at your new destination and can start unpacking, making yourself at home. But hold on for just a second and think the process through – although the act of unpacking is actually quite simple, you can save a lot of time (and therefore money) simply by following some practical rules. How, then, do you start? Once you’ve cleaned your new house thoroughly and decided which goes where, what steps do you take? Here’s how to properly – and easily – unpack your belongings after you have moved to your new place.

Use the movers

It’s always a good idea to place the large items in their place first – the sofa, the bed, tables, and chairs. These are centre pieces around which all smaller items are placed. Don’t be afraid to use the movers and explain to them where you want it. You can always make small adjustments yourself, but to save time and effort (and back pain), use the movers to do the major lifting.

Put the boxes where they belong

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This process actually starts with the packing – label all the boxes so you know what’s in them and where they belong. Place all the boxes labeled ‘kitchen’ in the kitchen, all the boxes that contain bedroom items in the bedroom, and so on. Unpacking will become much more organised if the contents are already in the room they will be stored in.

Do it room by room

It’s always a good idea to unpack the kitchen and bathroom boxes first – these are the areas in the house that are more likely to remain as they are for quite some time and won’t require refurnishing soon.

Clean methodically

Once you’re done unpacking one room, clean up immediately before moving to another room. Remember that your old boxes may be used again or given away. Some could even be sold as secondhand if they are still in good condition. It’s easier to clean if you start from the top of the house and move your way down methodically.

Moving is often an underestimated activity – it seems simple enough at the surface (it’s all a matter of packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking, so it seems) but doing it with a practical system can save an incredible amount of time and frustration. Having a method ensures you don’t need to correct too many mistakes or do double work. Oh, just some extra hints: don’t turn on your refrigerator for 24 hours after your move (the freon has to settle down first) and make sure your have enough pizza and beer if you’ve asked some helpers to come along. Happy (and hassle-free) moving, as Gloucester removals specialists like Advanced Removals & Storage would say.


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