How to find an apartment in Toronto?

There are thousands of immigrants coming to Canada every year and most frequently Toronto becomes the first place they stop at. Presently Ukrainian diaspora is one of the …

There are thousands of immigrants coming to Canada every year and most frequently Toronto becomes the first place they stop at. Presently Ukrainian diaspora is one of the biggest ethnic groups in the whole country including Toronto. So if you decided to move, be sure that you will find compatriots who will help you accommodate at a new place. However, if you do not like relying on anybody’s help and prefer doing everything yourself below we prepared several tips to help you find a new place to live in Toronto without much effort and without getting into troubles.


1. Diversify your web search

First of all, remember that you can start looking for a place to live while in Ukraine. Go online, put into Google rent apartment in Toronto and check the results. People frequently use websites popular in Canada for this purpose, for instance, Kijiji or Padmapper where the search is easy and convenient.

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2. Consider a real estate agent

If you have already come to Toronto and have no friends or family here then you can always cooperate with a local real estate agent to get a place. The great thing here is that you do not need to pay a dime as most landlords themselves pay the agent’s commission to rent their spaces.

3. Walk around the neighborhood

Once you get to Toronto you will learn about its better and worse neighborhoods to live. After you find out which one suits you best you can simply walk around it and look for ads or ‘for rent’ signs. First of all, you can rent the apartment cheaper. Secondly, you will discover new places close to your new home!

4. Check everything

As a rule, you will not have much time to have a close look at any apartment so make sure to make the most of it. Check all issues that may be in bad shape, such as plumbing, heating, and even windows. Furthermore, ‘check everything’ literally means that you need to consider every single option you have. Toronto is a big city and every year thousands of people come here with the same purpose as you – to stay for at least some time and consequently find a place to live. It means that each apartment will have several perspective tenants so do not miss your chance to get a really good apartment or condo because of too much hesitation.

5. Bargain for lower rent

No matter how many people are looking at each apartment because anyway it is in landlord’s interest to actually rent it and get the money. As a result the power is in your hands at this point. Even if you have found condos for sale you can still bargain for a better price operating with the advantages you personally have. The market is very competing in Toronto so you can always try to get a better price. However, professional Toronto real estate agents remind that if you really love the place you should try to negotiate the price but not push it hard because the last word is after the landlord and you definitely do not want to miss your opportunity.



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