How to Generate Business Leads through Inbound Marketing

Have you ever been interrupted by a marketers call? It could be that the marketer is selling to you something you haven’t even expressed interest in. Such kind …

Have you ever been interrupted by a marketers call? It could be that the marketer is selling to you something you haven’t even expressed interest in. Such kind of telemarketing tactics have no place in the 21st century because most customers do not take kindly disruptive and annoying cold callers who seem to intrude their privacy. 

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If you are the kind of business that wants to standout and approach prospects in a professional way thereby making them appreciative of what you present to them, getting a Toronto social media marketing agency can be a great idea in helping you figure out best way to go about your inbound marketing. 
Understanding Lead Generation
Before walking the inbound marketing journey, it is important you understand what a lead is and what constitutes lead generation. Simply defined, a lead refers to a person who has shown interest in the product or service your company produces or deals in. You may have expressed the interest through online surveys or just left information on a given website saying you would love to hear more from the company. 
Lead generation on the other hand is the process of attracting and converting prospects and strangers into leads. There are many ways of doing this amongst them creating useful content for the targeted prospects so as to create a desire within them to try out your products. 
Why is Lead Generation Important to Your Business
Through lead generation, your prospects tend to be the ones who initiate the relationship with you as opposed to your business. This makes it easier for them to buy from you instead of purchasing somewhere else. Looking at the larger inbound marketing methodology, the process of lead generation falls on the second stage after you have attracted your audience and are now ready to convert them into leads so that your sales team can attend to them. The four stages in the inbound marketing process include attract, convert, close, and delight. 
Attraction helps in turning strangers into visitors; convert turns visitors into leads; close transforms leads into customers while delight is all about promoting your products to the existing customers. 
How to Qualify Visitors as Leads
As indicated earlier, a lead is a person with an interest in your product or service. Lead qualification refers to the ways through which someone can show that interest in your products. Leads are basically generated through information collection where the prospect shares information in exchange for a freebie or fills out a form so as to download something they love. Below are some of the ways through which you can possibly qualify someone as a lead:
A coupon – When a visitor finds your coupon valuable and go ahead to provide their name and email address as an exchange for the coupon, that is a sure sign that they may be interested in your offerings. 
Content –When someone provides their details in exchange for a download which could be a webinar, eBook or newsletter, as a company, you can pursue such contacts and see whether the individual is interested in your products. 
Job Application –This is mostly applicable to recruitment agencies. When someone fills out an application form, this is a true indication that they are interested in the particular position and you can therefore qualify them as a lead. 
Using promotional channels such as email, social media and blog, you can direct your traffic to your landing page to begin the lead generation process through the help of offers and forms. 

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