How to Get a Great Commercial Real Estate Deal

 Looking for a great deal on commercial real estate is easier said than done, the market at times can be very unstable and unless you are an industry …

 Looking for a great deal on commercial real estate is easier said than done, the market at times can be very unstable and unless you are an industry expert, finding great value in the market can be tricky. Regardless of which area of commercial real estate you are looking for you will find a similar story, whether you are looking at buying land, industrial property, storage locations or office space, you have to know how to get the best value. In order to help you try to get the best deal on your next commercial real estate property here are some things you should be looking to do.


Using a Brokerage Company


Many turn their noses up at using a brokerage company, often on financial grounds but when you look at the bigger picture you will see that they can actually save you money. Specialist commercial real estate brokers like The Welfont Group are industry experts and leaders in their field, they work hard to get you the best property at the best price. Moreover the amount of time that a brokerage firm will save you in all aspects of the deal will free you up to concentrate on your business or your other investments, you cannot put a price on that kind of time.

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Work Out Your Budget


In order to get the best deal for yourself it is important that you have a strict budget for both the buying of the property and any work which you will need to do thereafter. The idea of creating a budget is nothing new but the key here is how strict you are with it, you best bet is to create a budget of lets say $400,000 for the purchase, then remove 10% so that you will look for a property at $360,000. Doing things this way means if you see something a little pricier that you want, you will still be staying within the budget, if you find something at the lower price, then you will have more money to spend on the property once it is yours. Budgeting and smart budgeting are two very different things and you should ensure that a smart budget is your approach.


Learn All That You Can


Even if you are planning on using a brokerage firm for your next property it is vital that you have a full understanding of how the markets work and more importantly, the difference between commercial real estate and residential real estate. The two differ greatly and you should be aware of the differences before deciding upon your purchase. For example, commercial real estate prices are calculated differently and are directly linked to income based on square footage. Another difference between the two is the amount of money which you will have to pay up front, on residential property, banks will lend on the back of a 15% deposit, with commercial property this figure is 30% as a minimum. Studying real estate markets and the differences will help you find the best deal.


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