How to Help Your Employees Adjust to New Restaurant Kitchen Technology

Many restaurant owners are starting to adopt new technology that makes daily processes easier. Instead of relying on pen and paper ordering that comes with a high risk …

Restaurant worker

Restaurant workerMany restaurant owners are starting to adopt new technology that makes daily processes easier. Instead of relying on pen and paper ordering that comes with a high risk of lost tickets, business owners are investing in kitchen management software with many helpful features.

As beneficial as this software can be, it can take some time to convince your employees of its value. When the time comes to welcome new technology to your restaurant, consider doing some of the following things to help your team.

Explain What You’re Buying and Why

When you purchase kitchen management software through a leading provider like TrufflePOS, sit your team down and discuss it. Talk to them about the features the software has, why you decided to invest in it, and what value they will get out of it.

Most importantly, discuss the problems they’ve been having so they feel heard, then explain how this new technology will attempt to resolve them. Not all employees will warm up to the idea of change right away, but if you explain that it can make their jobs easier, you may notice that your team is more receptive and willing to do their best to adjust.

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Start Slow

When new technology is introduced into a large or small business that can completely transform everyday processes, it can take some time for everyone to get the hang of it. Rather than showing your team the basics of everything and leaving them to it, introduce it in stages.

You might begin by showing wait staff how to send orders to the kitchen and helping cooks learn how to process them as they arrive. Once everyone has mastered this feature, you can move on to the more complex ones, such as ingredient management and online orders.

Offer Training Sessions

While informal training and on-the-job learning are sometimes enough for most employees, that might not be the case for everyone. Some people can take longer to pick up new technology, which means you may need to make allowances for this being the situation in your business.

Offer training sessions for individuals who are struggling with some or all parts of the new technology. If it helps, act as a customer so they can put their new skills to the test in a controlled environment.

New technology can cause a great deal of stress for some people, so be patient and allow as many opportunities to learn as necessary.

Provide Incentives to Upskill

A trained workforce is an asset to your business, but some people can be reluctant to upskill when it puts them in an unfamiliar situation. Rather than losing workers to changes you know will eventually benefit them, offer incentives for them to learn and grow.

You might offer a higher hourly rate while training is taking place or provide paid training sessions on top of their average paycheck. Even though you may have invested in new restaurant technology to cut costs in your business, you may see the value in spending money to make it.

Not every employee will welcome new technology and upgrades with open arms, but that doesn’t mean they never will. By offering support, training, and possibly even incentives, you may be surprised at how receptive and comfortable your employees can be with change.

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