How to prepare your home for sale

If your home is on the market it’s important to make a good first impression. Taking the right steps to prepare your home will help you avoid more …

If your home is on the market it’s important to make a good first impression. Taking the right steps to prepare your home will help you avoid more stress than is necessary when selling your home.

You should be showing potential buyers your house at its absolute best! Engage people’s senses to entice buyers and really give them a great experience in your home. You want them to leave thinking I would really love to live there, so make it memorable. Follow these steps to give potential buyers a good walk through experience. 

Start the packing process

Getting ready to show your home is the perfect time to shape up and ship out. Start to box things up and declutter your things. Not only will this create a less crowded feel, it will also help make your move easier. Start by clearing out the things you don’t need or use regularly and donate unwanted goods to charity or the homeless.

If it’s broken or damaged, let’s face it you’re never going to fix it, throw it away. Less is more; you don’t want the house to be overcrowded. So where possible store your furniture at an alternate location like a storage facility. Remember to keep your decor minimal. 

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Give your house a thorough clean

This doesn’t mean wiping down the benches and taking out the rubbish. You must thoroughly clean the house so that there is not even a water mark on any mirrors. This means dusting the blinds, furniture and ceiling fans. Clean your curtains, appliances and carpets and straighten out your closets. People will probably want to see what space they’re working with.

The number one thing people are going to notice is how clean the house is. You don’t want people thinking your home is not easily maintained. While cleaning the best you can is great, there’s only so much you can do alone. If you can’t get stains out of the carpet or marks off the wall, it’s time to call in the professionals. 

Make your bedroom look bigger

You can make your bedroom look bigger than it really by using a number of different techniques. Save floor space by using wall mounts like, hooks, shelving and hanging lights. Using mirrors is the oldest trick in the book because it works! They create the wonderful illusion of space, tricking you into thinking there is more space than there really is.

As the first thing people will look at you want your bed to look its best. Using mattress toppers not only makes your bed more comfortable but it will also give your bed a fuller and more enticing look. You can also decorate your bed with some big, soft pillows because no one wants to see two flat pillows on the bed. Choose to decorate your room with lighter colours like whites, greys and creams. Using bright or dark colours can be overly aggressive and enclosing. 

Eliminate odor

There’s nothing worse than a beautiful home that smells of wet dog. You want your home to look, feel and smell fresh. However, you don’t want to simply mask odors within your home, you want to eliminate them completely. Masking odors with air freshener or perfumes can be overwhelming to the senses and even cause allergies.

To avoid this you want to air out the house completely. Open up all the doors and windows in your house to create cross ventilation and stamp out odors. On your open day include freshly cut flowers and fresh fruit around the house. If you really want to make an impression on potential buyers you can make some freshly baked cookies!


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