How to Stir Up Interest in Your Investment Strategy

You’ve recognized the strength in numbers when it comes to investment strategies. Size matters; the bigger the stakes the bigger the gains. Encouraging other individuals to join in …

You’ve recognized the strength in numbers when it comes to investment strategies. Size matters; the bigger the stakes the bigger the gains. Encouraging other individuals to join in your effort to capitalize on what is perceived to be a sure thing can be the gateway to wealth and prosperity. It’s also a little easier said than done. Whether you’re making your pitch to inexperienced investors or professional capitalists, folks don’t part with their money so easily. They want to know your strategy is sound.

Doing Your Homework

This goes without saying but must be mentioned anyway. Very few prospective investors are going to take your investment strategy seriously if you haven’t analyzed virtually every detail. Data and projections are only the beginning. If companies or other entities are involved, then you need to research the history of these entities going back to their founding. If they operate in a specific region or country, the historical and cultural background of these places ought to be looked into. If  materials  are involved, their nature, usage, and background must be understood. If you think these things won’t matter, try pitching your strategy to smart investors without doing your homework and see how far it gets you.

Demonstrating Savvy

A nice outfit, pricey haircut, and dynamite public speaking skills are good starts for wooing people to your side of the argument, but not enough these days. Too many slick looking and slick talking con men have done too much damage by building confidence through their performance. Adding demonstrative savvy into your pitch is likely to encourage investors as much as no-nonsense research. Boost live engagement marketing is an option gaining traction throughout several industries for this very purpose. Proponents of a particular investment strategy can even engineer their own event app to get audiences involved in a presentation, thereby increasing memorability and brand confidence.

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Enlisting Leaders

The General is not the only leader on the battlefield. Top brass can’t get much done without the help of dozens if not hundreds of officers in the field. The same applies to a network of investors. You can’t be everywhere at once; there need to be lieutenants out there helping to encourage more enlistment. Make sure you take full advantage of events and netowkring opportunities whether you are attending or hosting. Use all the tools available like a DoubleDutch app for example, which helps with live engagement marketing for the guests and organizers. This also has the added benefit of promoting investment by utilizing the reputations of these leading investors. It’s therefore a wise policy to seek out the support and endorsement of mid to upper level investors before moving onto the “little guys.”

Respecting Followers

Seasoned investors know the “little guys” on the totem pole are really the glue holding the whole thing together. It’s through their ongoing approval of the investment strategy where the venture ultimately develops its reputation for success. To this end, it’s important to keep the smaller sized investors on your radar and to treat them like they had a seat at the boardroom table.

It’s easy for even the most inexperienced of investors to see the benefits of a large scale, coordinated investment effort designed to maximize gains in the long run. However, talking what are often total strangers into essentially trusting their money to be safe with your idea is not a straight and even level path. The key is to aggressively conduct due diligence, utilize interesting techniques when making a pitch, build your network of investors from the middle outward, but never forget the folks on the lower end of the spectrum.  Do these things and stirring up interest in your investment strategy will be a relative walk in the park.




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