How your company benefits from business phone system

It doesn’t matter if you own a physical business or a virtual one. You can always benefit from a good business phone system. These modern tools in the …

It doesn’t matter if you own a physical business or a virtual one. You can always benefit from a good business phone system. These modern tools in the market offer a business not just a means of communication, but also features and functions that can improve efficiency, simplify tasks as well as boost your bottom line.

Parameters Monitoring System Through Smartphone

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So, what benefits can you get from installing business phone line? Increasing productivity using Avaya digital phones, for instance is achieved through the following:
Business-targeted features. Most small businesses used to be intimidated by feature-rich phone system since they can get expensive and complex. Thanks to technological advancement, this communication tool has become more affordable and easy to use in the work place. A business phone system has the capability to support any size of operation without burning through the company’s capital. You can choose a package with tons of features that your business needs to improve your productivity.
Record and review employee calls. Perfect when trying to evaluate the service your staff are providing your clients and also to see if there’s an area that needs improvement. It is also a means of quality control, or a method to benchmark outstanding employees. This benefit ensures that you always have an outstanding level of customer service and satisfaction.
Hold music. Because no one likes being on hold. With this feature, it becomes more bearable for your customers. Anytime your staff puts a client on hold, they’ll be able to listen to some advertisement or music and never complete silence. You can play catchy tunes to retain clients or better yet, announce promos or what’s new in your company.  It’s a way of thanking them for holding patiently and to get added sales. Win-win!
Voicemail transcription. Every business has use for voicemails. But voicemail transcription is another thing. This feature comes very handy for documentation. After a client leaves you a voicemail after office hours, an email will be sent to you in text form. You can quickly and easily review the messages and determine its urgency.
Mobile capabilities. The business world is mobile, so let’s talk about mobile capabilities of the modern digital business telephone system. If you’re hiring people that work outside the office, this tool will empower them with VoIP technology to let them make and receive calls from virtually anywhere without using a dedicated business phone.
This is done through smartphone applications and mobility features, allowing them full functionality of their desk phones wherever and whenever. Increasing productivity using Avaya digital phones is truly a wonder. They can go to conferences, meetings and still be in contact with their customers.
Simultaneous ringing. Allows your business desk phone and your personal phone to ring at the same time. Very important if you’re in sales since you never want to miss a call. Your staff can answer a call on their desk and quickly transfer it to their smartphones so they can leave the office premises without ending the call.
How do I choose the best provider? Don’t get confused with the options. Just choose what you think suits your business well and talk it over with the managers and finally, the sales/inquiry staff. 

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