Installment Credit- Best Solution to Short Term Funds Shortage

Not everyone is blessed enough to have cash in hand. Unanticipated expenses like house repairs, car maintenance etc can leave you with shortage of funds and combating to …

Not everyone is blessed enough to have cash in hand. Unanticipated expenses like house repairs, car maintenance etc can leave you with shortage of funds and combating to manage these unforeseen expenses and your monthly bills. In this situation, some people switch to payday installment loans, however there is another option i.e., Installment loans. These are a good choice for those who require quick cash but cannot repay the whole amount in lump sum.

Following are Benefits of Installments Loans

  • Fast Application Process

Installments loan online have made the process much speedier. If the information is readily available with you, it takes only few minutes in filling application .You will need government issued I.D., open checking account, income proof, at least two references and a permanent address.  There are, however, few restrictions on applicant’s age. The applicant’s age should be minimum 18 years . Moreover he/she can’t live in an extended or weekly stay and should not be a member of U.S. military.

  • Affordable Borrowing Amounts

The income of an applicant is an important factor in deciding the total amount of loan to be extended. The pre determined algorithms of installment loans make sure that you do not fall in debt trap.

  • Easy Qualification for Loans

The loan amount is decided directly by income of applicant and the credit checks are not required. You can get cash in case of an emergency within 15 minutes if you don’t have any defaults in the past.

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  • This is not a loan. These tax credits do not need to be repaid
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  • Malleable Payment Options

Installment loans have malleable payment options for meeting your financial needs. The installment loan repayment period varies from 90 to 210 days. There is no prepayment penalty in case of an early payment.

  • No Restrictions on Spending

You can use Installment loan money for anything you desire. However, you should consider your income and use the amount accordingly so that there is no pressure on your present budget.  You should always put some amount for balance every time. That little extra will reduce interest and balance you owe, thus decreasing the repayment amount.

  • Convenience

Cash 1 store are open for longer hours than banks which give you flexibility in withdrawal timings. In case of an emergency, you don’t have to knock your neighbor’s door .Moreover; you can get your withdrawals pre approved online.

  • Secured Information

Your financial and personal information is secured. The information of applicants is kept safe with good Antivirus. Moreover, the address, numbers and emails of borrowers are not sold.

  • Speed

Installments loans are quickly transferred to your bank account within 1 day’s time which allows you to cover an immediate expense quickly and then repay it gradually over time in smaller and budget friendly amounts.


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