Invest in Property in a Luxury Travel Destination

 The definition of luxury living and travel differs depending on where you live. This, however, does not necessarily mean that you get any less value from a holiday …

 The definition of luxury living and travel differs depending on where you live.

This, however, does not necessarily mean that you get any less value from a holiday package or your luxury home investment. In fact, luxury property in areas that are removed from cities offer more features than similarly priced property in a more developed area.

A luxury vacation home in Toscana, for instance, sits on a lot of land, which has been converted into golf courses and spas. You can view luxury homes in Toscana at

More and more people nowadays engage in luxury travel in areas that are surrounded by nature. It is therefore wise to invest in a luxury home in one of these areas and earn additional income or enjoy all the benefits of living in a luxurious home. 

What is luxury living

Price alone does not define luxury property. You don’t want to buy an expensive property then have clients turn it down because it doesn’t offer what they envisioned.

People who pay for luxury travel expect to get a unique living experience.

·         A destination that offers the best in dining facilities, art, sports amenities and services such as spas will qualify as luxurious.

·         A good natural view, be it a river, forest or mountainside, is an added plus for your luxury investment.

·         There are some clients who want over the top finishes; therefore your investment should cater for their tastes as well.

·         Space is everything when it comes to luxury living. Get a home that caters to both indoor and outdoor space.

·         Talk to some property managers and luxury destinations marketing managers to decide on what features really define luxury in the area you want to invest in.

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Below are some of the ways that you can invest in areas that offer luxury travel:

1.     Remodel and sell

If you intend to sell your luxury property at some point, it is probably better to buy property that is a little run down, remodel it and sell it.

Before buying, confirm that the overall design and layout of the property is acceptable. The structure of the home should still be intact, otherwise you will have problems during inspection.

Remodeling is not a simple job. You need to hire the right professionals to execute the job in a visually appealing manner. Most people who go into such ventures hire contractors with a good reputation and enough experience and leave the job up to them.

You will also need to work with a marketing firm to put your home on the market. If your marketer is aggressive, you could get an offer even before the remodeling is completed. 

2.     Buy a condo

Condos are a preferable choice for most luxury travelers because they offer security and a sense of community. Upcoming luxury condos offer a gated community setting and this provides a sense of security.

Invest in a place that offers good transport options 24/7. Vacationers may not know the area well, therefore ease of movement will add to their enjoyment of what the destination has to offer.

There are certain services and features that should come with the condo.

·         A furnished condo with private laundry

·         Large well-furnished kitchen

·         5-star décor and bathrooms

·         Amenities such as fitness facilities

·         House cleaning service

·         Heated pools and more

All these make a luxury condo really popular with travelers.

Bear in mind that luxury travel is a lifestyle. Your investment should be able to offer that lifestyle to travelers. Therefore, look for a place that offers the most convenience, most features, most amenities, hence the most luxury.

Cost of home in a luxury travel destination

The cost of investing will vary based on the luxury travel destination. If you have good credit and have raised a down payment, you can get a mortgage to finance your purchase.

Do not go for the most expensive property. Go for one in a destination that has a good influx of luxury travelers as the high traffic assures you of a good return on your investment much faster.

The bottom-line

Luxury real estate is increasing in popularity as most people are starting to realize that they can enjoy luxury holidays at the fraction of what they pay in a hotel.

Other people, especially those going into retirement, are opting to move into luxury homes that will ensure they live out the rest of their retirement days in pure lavishness.

Others still, are opting to buy a luxury home for when they vacation and then rent out when they are not vacationing.

Whatever category you fall in, you can be a part of the luxury travel and luxury living business in a place of your choosing.

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