Invest in Vacant Land (domestic or foreign)

Table of Contents 2007’s Top 10 Investments Under $25,000 1. Invest in a single family or multi-family property 2. Invest in gold and silver 3. Invest in foreclosure …

Table of Contents
2007’s Top 10 Investments Under $25,000
1.Invest in a single family or multi-family property
2.Invest in gold and silver
3.Invest in foreclosure properties
4.Invest in mobile homes
5.Invest in fractional ownership of timber
6.Invest in loans
7.Invest with partners on larger projects
8.Invest in Japanese yen
9.Invest in a business or franchise
10.Invest in vacant land (domestic or foreign)

#10 Investment Under $25,000 for 2007

Vacant land is often available at a relatively low cost, although offering lower amounts of leverage than other types of real estate. Financing in the U.S. is likely to be at a 50 percent or lower loan-to-value. Financing for foreign land is typically more difficult and limited, but some countries offer low prices that may allow investors to purchase land with cash.Vacant land may have potential for appreciation| alt=|Vacant land can be an affordable investment|]

Nearly every country will have some sort of opportunity in the $25,000 price range. More developed markets, such as the U.K., France and Canada, will have higher prices but lower risk, while emerging markets such as Nicaragua, Montenegro and Brazil will have lower prices and higher upside but greater risks.

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Land in the path of progress has the best potential for appreciation, so a successful investment strategy would probably involve buying land and holding it for appreciation. In the meantime, some income generation may be possible through creative uses. Some of the possibilities might include: planting and/or harvesting timber or leasing the land for farming, cell phone towers, outdoor advertising, wind farms, solar farms or even recreational activities such as camping and hunting.

Where to find investments:

In the U.S., land opportunities can be found through the traditional real estate multiple listing service (MLS), other online listing services, word-of-mouth and so on. Those areas with lower home costs will be most likely to also have low land prices; however, all 50 states will have some sort of land offering in this price range. The difference between the states is going to be the size of the plot of land and the available uses for the property.

To find foreign land opportunities, investors often must use word-of-mouth, work with a local real estate agent or prospect current land owners. Most foreign countries do not have a sophisticated online marketplace for real estate, so most of the business happens through networking. Thus, it is important that either the investor or the agent be connected closely to the community.


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