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    If you have the desire to learn, the knowledge of investments and the temperament to manage your own portfolios, these tips on investment will help you …


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If you have the desire to learn, the knowledge of investments and the temperament to manage your own portfolios, these tips on investment will help you become a professional in no time through laying a solid foundation for investing successfully.

Be warned, these tips and tricks are not easy way shortcuts, or a guide to get rich quickly or even a “do not miss” scheme. To execute each of the tips mentioned in this article, you will need to invest your time, build your knowledge on investments while your true desire on investment will be tried and tested. InstaLoan usually deals with loans and personal funding, however, in this article we look at investments and how to invest like a professional.

Start With a Simple Plan

Having a clear idea of where you want to be is what makes one successful. Once you have an idea of where you want to be, you start with a simple plan to get there. This applies not just in life, but also in financial planning. Your plans should address how you expect to achieve your financial targets as well as contingency plans for even the best laid plans can be destroyed with unforeseen events.

If you think financial planning is way out of your reach, having a solid professional to do your financial planning is the solution. However, if you have the time and dedication to start the planning, the Financial Planning Association and Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards website are the right places to begin your quest.

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Philosophical Thinking                                                                     

Before you set out allocating assets and resources on investments, take the time to develop and articulate your personal investment philosophy. Once you have a set philosophy on investment, these core beliefs will guide you and help you keep on track over time.

Investors who lack a sense of philosophy usually facing advisor performance problems, usually ending up burned when they abandon investments when market nears low performances. Buy high, sell low is not a viable philosophy to follow if you are in for the long haul.

The best tip would be to start listening to speeches and motivational seminars by successful investors, understand their philosophies and see if they would fit into your personality. Take notes and also remember the legendary hedge fund manager George Soros’ quote: “When the chips are down, philosophy is the most important part of my life”

A Disciplined Investment Process

Right investments require a sense of discipline and it comes from your investment philosophy. This will help address how you look at building and maintaining your portfolio. From the allocation of your assets to the implementation and monitoring of your resources, the entire process will reflect how disciplined you are about investments and how professional you really are.

Keep in managing your own portfolio doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work alone. You can probably look at building your team of likeminded professionals.

Have a Formalized Policy

Having a well written policy document with all the steps starting from planning, all the processes for execution and how and when to do each process will help your investment portfolio. This will keep you disciplined and also this can be used as a guide on what, when, how and why you are supposed to be doing in terms of allocating your assets and managing your resources for each portfolio.

As you keep working toward achieving your targets of being an investment expert, you may face many hurdles or lose the will to manage your portfolio after all. Do not worry, the more time and effort you put to understand and execute each steps of investments, it will reap the benefits over time and you may end up a professional investor in a short time.




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