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    Marijuana, or cannabis, as it is more appropriately called, has been part of humanity’s medicine chest for almost as long as history has been recorded.Of all …



Marijuana, or cannabis, as it is more appropriately called, has been part of humanity’s medicine chest for almost as long as history has been recorded.Of all the negative consequences of marijuana prohibition, none is as tragic as the denial of medicinal cannabis to the tens of thousands of patients who could benefit from its therapeutic use.


Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America (behind only alcohol and tobacco), and has been used by nearly 100 million Americans. According to government surveys Marijuana’s therapeutic uses are well-documented in modern scientific literature.  The studies indicate that marijuana provides symptomatic relief for a number of medical conditions, including nausea and vomiting, stimulating appetite, promoting weight gain, and diminishing intraocular pressure from glaucoma.  There is also evidence that smoked marijuana and/or THC reduces muscle spasticity from spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis, and diminishes tremors in multiple sclerosis patients.  Patients and physicians have also reported that smoked marijuana provides relief from migraine headaches, depression, seizures, insomnia and chronic pain, among other conditions.

Fifty-six percent of  California voters approved Proposition 215 on November 5, 1996. The law took effect the following day. It removes state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who possess a "written or oral recommendation" from their physician that he or she "would benefit from medical marijuana." Patients diagnosed with any debilitating illness where the medical use of marijuana has been "deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician" are afforded legal protection under this act. Conditions typically covered by the law include but are not limited to: arthritis; cachexia; cancer; chronic pain; HIV or AIDS; epilepsy; migraine; and multiple sclerosis. No set limits regarding the amount of marijuana patients may possess and/or cultivate were provided by this act, though the California Legislature adopted guidelines in 2003.\

 I aquired institutional knowledgeof Medical Marijuana from the (Medical Cannabis Caregivers directory ) of Passadena California. The MCC , provides an understanding of the implementation of California’s MMP in light of the Compassionate Use Act, SB420, the Attorney General’s Guidelines, and Court rulings.
Four years into teaching the MCC , has served to emphasize its importance in laying the foundation for providing services legally and safely under California’s Medical Marijuana Program and discovering the many opportunities that it offers.
The qualifications and procedures to become a Department of Public Health Registered Primary Caregiver are detailed in this class.
This class is specifically designed for individuals who want to provide medicinal cannabis services as a Medical Cannabis Collective Operator or as a Cultivating
Member of a Collective

I am a  cannabis primary caregiver In the state of California. I was designated by a qualified patient , to consistently assume the responsibility for the housing, health, or safety of that patient . Due to my supreme knowledge and connections in this field.

I am searching for individuals and groups who are interested in businesses revolving around Medical Cannabis. These businesses include dispensaries, collectives and delivery collectives. I have No  Profits formed nor businesses started and/or operational. I am in need of seed money, and  venture capital to expand. Regardless of my needs, I ask you to analyze  the current situation and if you are interested, I would like to form a partnership. The partnership offer typically includes my 7+ years of expertise in, operations, and distribution of Cannabis. Colleagues who have medical marijuana on a consistant base and a keen knowledge of cultivation. Who will front the marijuana for the business.

How much could you make investing in a LEGAL  medical marijuana dispensary. On the low end of sales, a $50,000 investment could return $1,000,000 to a well run business in one year. This is after all overhead and about $800,000 in taxes is paid. Some owners are reportedly making close to 10 million dollars a year.
With my exsperience  you can reliably  recieve a return of at least 10% per month.

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The ERC Program is currently open, but has been amended in the past. We recommend you claim yours before anything changes.

I worked in a dispensary in Venice California name thee Gournmet Grow Rooom for a little over a year. This were i met my current colleagues from the previous paragraph. We were all (bud tenders) indivudual who handle and wiegh marijuana.Typical clubs in the Los Angeles area might get 50-150 customers per day. Large clubs have been estimated to get 1,500 or more customers per day.retail prices in Los Angeles are currently $45 to $75 per one-eighth ounce, depending upon quality and type. Premium varieties may command higher prices. Prices may vary by location. I would like to operate business 7 days a week. Average wholesale prices of marijuana in the Los Angeles area range from about $3,500 per pound to $6,000 per pound. Number of employee’s including myself would be three. With a salary of 4000$ a month  these people are taking a risk with me, and they will be handling some very valuable materials, along with a lot of cash so other words, I / we must pay  them well and treat them with respect. Store rent, utilities, bills and miscellaneous exspenses. For a typical club, $2,000 a month might be in the ballpark.

Here is a visual of the projected plane.

Start Date


Customers Per Day


Eighths sold per customer


Number of Days Open Per Week


Number of Employees


Average Salary of Employees


Wholesale price per pound


Retail price per one-eighth ounce


Overhead Costs


Your monthly salary


Retail Price Per Pound


Profit Per Pound Sold


Pounds Sold Per Week


Week EndingProfit Before TaxesProfit After Taxes
October 24, 201037,78120,780
October 31, 201075,56241,559
November 07, 2010113,34362,339
November 14, 2010151,12483,118
November 21, 2010188,905103,898
November 28, 2010226,686124,677
December 05, 2010264,467145,457
December 12, 2010302,248166,236
December 19, 2010340,029187,016
December 26, 2010377,810207,796
January 02, 2011415,591228,575
January 09, 2011453,372249,355
January 16, 2011491,153270,134
January 23, 2011528,934290,914
January 30, 2011566,715311,693
February 06, 2011604,496332,473
February 13, 2011642,277353,252
February 20, 2011680,058374,032
February 27, 2011717,839394,811
March 06, 2011755,620415,591
March 13, 2011793,401436,371
March 20, 2011831,182457,150
March 27, 2011868,963477,930
April 03, 2011906,744498,709
April 10, 2011944,525519,489
April 17, 2011982,306540,268
April 24, 20111,020,087561,048
May 01, 20111,057,868581,827
May 08, 20111,095,649602,607
May 15, 20111,133,430623,386
May 22, 20111,171,211644,166
May 29, 20111,208,992664,946
June 05, 20111,246,773685,725
June 12, 20111,284,554706,505
June 19, 20111,322,335727,284
June 26, 20111,360,116748,064
July 03, 20111,397,897768,843
July 10, 20111,435,678789,623
July 17, 20111,473,459810,402
July 24, 20111,511,240831,182
July 31, 20111,549,021851,962
August 07, 20111,586,802872,741
August 14, 20111,624,583893,521
August 21, 20111,662,364914,300
August 28, 20111,700,145935,080
September 04, 20111,737,926955,859
September 11, 20111,775,707976,639
September 18, 20111,813,488997,418
September 25, 20111,851,2691,018,198

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