What is ISO Certification and Why is it Important?

Every single manufacturer along with all food suppliers has the responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of their products. It doesn’t matter if the product is going …

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Typing on laptopEvery single manufacturer along with all food suppliers has the responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of their products. It doesn’t matter if the product is going directly to the consumer, or if it is a piece of the puzzle for a major production line, quality matters. When we talk about quality, we’re not just talking about whether something is “retail premium“ or not. We’re talking about the overall standards and practices of the facilities and personnel in it. That, in turn, assures a better quality product down the line. Taiwan is at the center stage of quality and seeks to remain a shining beacon of high-standard goods. There are few accrediting bodies that can assure this level of proficiency. One such body is the International Organization for Standardization, under the SGS. The ISO assesses your level of competency and grades it against a certification to assure that each manufacturer is, at any point in time, following the accepted protocol. So what does this mean for you? Why is this important to your business? 

What Is ISO?

ISO is essentially a quality assurance check. When you undergo ISO certification, your entire process is checked with a fine-tooth comb. It has a procedure for all aspects of your business including management, documentation, and information safety. All of these come into play when seeking certifications. Of course, before one seeks to obtain a certification, one needs to know and adapt to SGS standards and practices first, especially when it comes to information security. Luckily, this kind of training is readily available in Taiwan. At the center of Taiwanese business, SGS ISO27001 training in Taipei is constantly evolving and keeping up with new global standards. This kind of training allows you to have a clear guidepost and checklist for when information safety certification comes. 

Importance In The Field 


ISO certification is a lot more important than one thinks. We may think we have the best and most innovative practices in our field, but that has to be put to the test. That rigorous testing, in turn, tells our customers that we’re a trustworthy source. It says that your products are not going to falter past the bell curve of averages. If you provide a digital product, the ISO ensures that you have protocols to ensure the safety of both users and sensitive information. 

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ISO and Information 

Aside from what customers think, internal documents must be protected as well. Whether it is in the digital realm or a physical product, knowing that your trade secrets are safe creates a peace of mind that lets everyone breathe a bit easier. There’s nothing worse than moving forward with online-based dealings without knowing you pass an information safety test. Once you do, you can weave through that world with confidence. Ultimately, that reflects in your product. 


ISO certifications are not easy to obtain. They’re industry standards that may seem like a barrier to entry on a global scale. But properly training and being ready can assure you meet those standards fairly easily. Once that’s done, you can go about your business, knowing you bear the seal of international quality. 

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