I’ve already packed your parachute, all you have to do is jump

Expert, Specialist, Veteran: Partner with a JV Commando Get Started Claim up to $26,000 per W2 Employee Billions of dollars in funding availableFunds are available to U.S. Businesses …

Expert, Specialist, Veteran: Partner with a JV Commando

Claim up to $26,000 per W2 Employee

  • Billions of dollars in funding available
  • Funds are available to U.S. Businesses NOW
  • This is not a loan. These tax credits do not need to be repaid
The ERC Program is currently open, but has been amended in the past. We recommend you claim yours before anything changes.

Ready to get out there and invest in cash flowing properties?
It’s a bit of a jungle out there with stock markets going up, down and all around. I prefer to negotiate the less treacherous jungle of real estate on a daily basis; living in the trenches, crawling on my belly to source out the best deals for my partners both local and abroad.
Like a precious civilian life, I keep your cash and investment safe. I will lead you through the minefield of investing. Warding off the dangers of sloppy management, high mortgage rates and just plain bad deals. Being a veteran REIN member means keeping my partner’s portfolio not just alive, but thriving in any market both hostile and friendly.
The bottom line is… I’m here to prevent you from any surprise attacks. I’m the kind of partner that if you were to get bitten by a poisonous black mamba, I’d suck the venom out and carry you 17 long miles on my own broken legs through the thickets of Lang Gon to safety… Well, you get the point.
Here Are A Few Ways You Can Protect Your Financial Fortress:
1. Invest in rock solid neighborhoods of Edmonton.Partner with a pro that has years of experience and a ton of happy Joint Venture referrals.
2. Own a great, headache free money making property where your partner takes care of all the details.
3. Maximize your capital by investing in properties that already have financing in place – financing that you don’t need to qualify for.
Tactical Benefits That Put MORE Cash into your combat pants:
* Careful tenant selection – long leases in place
* Newer and already renovated properties – less maintenance cost
* Profitable from day one – each deal makes sense the day its bought
Current Property Target:
* 1987 Built
* 3 Bedroom home with attached garage
* Impeccable condition
* Great neighborhood with many high value homes
* Near not-yet-completed Anthony Henday Ring Road
* Highly rentable
Essential Data:
* Only $321K purchase price (other homes listed up to $363K)
* Your Estimated Profit: $55K
* Possession date February 28th
* Detailed Pro-Forma available
What Makes This Deal So Darn Great?
* You make an estimated $50,000.00 Profit over 5 years (16% Per Year)
* Low investment amount covers ALL expenses and down-payment. ONLY: $62K
* You can leverage your cash AND save your credit for future deals- ALL financing is arranged
* Low mortgage rate of 4.75%
* Rents for $1800
* Cash flow positive
* Less than 20% TOTAL down payment
* Completely ‘Hands Free’
* Partner with a PRO in the KNOW: You get the peace of mind from our exceptional track record and experience
Partnership DEADLINE of January 30th/09
Wondering what to do?
I’ve already packed your parachute, all you have to do is jump.
Grab this quick and easy questionnaire and get started!

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