LG Washer and Dryer Combo

 LG washer and dryer combo is one of the best appliances on the market. This combo machine operates with many features that is valuable to consumers. Its unique …

 LG washer and dryer combo is one of the best appliances on the market. This combo machine operates with many features that is valuable to consumers. Its unique features, cycles and functionality makes it a cut above the rest. The washer and dryer combo from LG enhances the appearance of clothing items and provides the best wash and dry. This machine has earned many raving reviews from customers because of its efficiency, quality and productivity. Some of its features include the following:

·  Adequate for proper storage. The washer and dryer combo have a greater height than compared to its length and width. This means that they take up little space and leaves an appropriate convenient space in any area of the home.

·  Large ultra-capacity. Because it is approximately 4.2 cubic feet, it can take up a big amount of washing and drying loads. One is able to complete a lot of loads in little time.

·  Large washer settings. It has approximately 14 washer settings from which to operate. These settings can handle all types of clothes and includes cycles such as normal, delicate and colored. It also caters to the soil levels of the clothing. For lightly soiled clothing, a lower setting can be used and for heavily soiled clothing, a higher setting is available. In addition, one can control the dryness level and temperature settings. This can be set for clothing which is prone to shrinking.

·  Provides a deep clean. This washing machine can deep clean items. It provides the ultimate solution for removing stains and bacteria. One cycle offers its sanitizer option. Its self-cleaning option can preprogram any cycle of choice to make cleans look as good as new.

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·  Provides a SenseClean system: Automatically sets the water level and wash time for each load based upon the weight of your clothes.

·  Easy to read. Unlike some washing machines, the digital print on the LG washer and dryer combo is very easy to read. With this, it uses both knobs and buttons for easy function control. The timer is bright and also very readable on the LED screen.

·  Minimizes noise levels. The LG allows the signals for running the machines to be silenced while some people may be asleep in the night’s hours. It automatically regulates noise through vibration reduction. This means that when the load becomes uneven, the machine senses it and relaxes the drum enough to allow the load to even itself out. This leads to a smooth, quiet wash.

·  Offers a good warranty. The warranty is one of the best that there is available. The motor is covered for 10 years and the drum is covered for the life of the machine. Parts and labor are a standard 1 year warranty.

·  The LG website is a very supportive one. The main page of their website for the appliance has several videos that educate you on the functions of the machine, and a full PDF of the instruction manual is available. That way, one has all the knowledge necessary, in order to make the best use of the machine.

One of the most featured LG washer and dryer combo machines is the LG WM3997HWA 4.3 Cu. Ft. White with Steam Cycle Electric Washer/Dryer Combo. It is within the range of $1655 to $1899.99. With this complimentary product, one can never go wrong. When preparing for the day with tons of clothes to be washed, the LG washer and dryer combo can speed up the cleaning process. Away with the manual washing days, and in with the newest and trendiest product from LG to save on time for a busy or a relaxing day. One is able to do more laundry in fewer loads and still have time for the whole family. One is able to participate in several activities with family and friends without worrying about the loads of clothes to be washed in a single day. Owning an LG washer and dryer combo is a must have in any home. Therefore, people do not have to wait the load after to get clothes washed and then load after load to get them rinsed. It perfectly takes care of all wash loads and is designed with the latest in cutting-edge technology and the dependability that one may come to expect. The rating on this product is generally 4.2 out of 5 stars. Some customer reviews on this product are as follows:

B. Johnson: “I got this machine because it was perfect for the small space I have as a laundry…”

David Cain: “I’ve had one of these since mid-March 2015, purchased locally from a big-box store. First thing to say: I love it. Absolutely love it…”

Thus, it will be a great advantage to invest in a washer and dryer combo from LG brand. With the versatile features, dependability, marked warranty and support from the staff who work with LG products, one should be able to get the best out of the product. It reduces the amount of time spent on washing clothing items and makes life easier on anyone’s part. The digital features are awesome! The LG washer and dryer combo was made with everyone in mind. Perfect size, to create the perfect space. The support tab allows you to perform several tasks, including registering the product, watching tutorials and reading through a help library based on the model number of your unit. Get the complete satisfaction which you need with an LG product. For more information, also check the LG website on this washer and dryer combo machine, for more feature details and specifications.

For an amazing product as this, reaching out to customer service by phone hasn’t been any easier, with their seven days a week or by email reachability. Live chat is a good option as well. Do not hesitate. Contact the customer service representatives today! Explore the possibilities with the LG washer and dryer combo and experience a difference like never before. It is not only about laundry at a fast speed, but laundry done to the speed of life. With LG, life’s definitely good! 


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