Looking At The Best Investments You Can Get Out Of A Wedding

Your wedding day takes months of planning unless you elope, but traditionally there is a mass amount of time spent planning one day. There may be a few …

Your wedding day takes months of planning unless you elope, but traditionally there is a mass amount of time spent planning one day. There may be a few wedding sceptics out there, who think a wedding is a waste of time and money however just because your wedding is only one day doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get the best investments out of the things you require to make a wedding happen.

Classic Car

If you are a lover of classic cars then there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t purchase one for your wedding and for you marriage life. Since 205 the value of classic cars has rocketed massively. According to the private bank; Coutts the value of some classic cars rose by 257 per cent between 2005 and 2013. When purchasing a classic car there is a great deal to consider, although if you feel as though a classic car would be no use to you after the wedding then opting for wedding car hire Surrey, would ultimately be better value. The best-selling cars tend to be ones that have been produced in small quantities and those that have an exciting racing history or have been driven by someone famous. The highest vale cars; as an example the Ashton Martin DBS are almost as famous the celebrities themselves, so they generally are worth a great deal more, but you can use them for transport on your wedding day and have them use many years down the line in your marriage.

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Engagement Ring

Diamonds have long been valued for their beauty and aesthetics, but it is still worth investing in them for your wedding and your marriage. Although diamonds can be tricky for the novice, if you do your research when it comes to quality, colour or tint this has a massive impact on market value. Diamonds are unlikely to be damaged or broken when stored and insured correctly. They will almost certainly outlast the initial buyer too, which then makes them a family asset that can be passed down for generations.

Wedding Band

Purchasing wedding bands is an important investment, both financially and emotionally. You wedding band is a symbol of you love, strong made to last a life time and precious. Your wedding band is also a financial investment. Tying the knot is one thing; getting tied up in knots about your wedding ring is another. As a starting point always opt for materials that will cost that bit more, like platinum and palladium. Not only are both highly incredibly luxurious, they provide longevity so this can also be passed down to generations.


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