Medical Marijuana Collective Seeks Investor for Expansion

Objective: Nature’s Nexus Cooperative Inc., with legal assistance, is seeking $3 million to purchase property at 3824 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 and open a second branch …

Nature’s Nexus Cooperative Inc., with legal assistance, is seeking $3 million to purchase property at 3824 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 and open a second branch of our successful non-profit medical marijuana collective at this location. The second location will be administered by Nature’s Nexus established management team and Nature’s Nexus non-profit growers. Local vendors selected by the Board, will provide our medicine.

Nature’s Nexus has operated as a non-profit medical marijuana cooperative in Redding, California since October 2009 and has grown to over 2,000 members. We maintain an aesthetically appealing and efficiently designed collective and offsite nursery, operating within the legal parameters of local and state governments. We have branded “Nature’s Nexus” by establishing a reputation as one of the top cooperatives in Shasta County and have developed relationships with experienced and respected growers of high quality medicine throughout Northern California. We cater to a broad spectrum of patients by maintaining a large variety of medicine in all forms.

Our board members are Jeanette Ernst, Ann Webber and Kimberly Millett. Jeanette Ernst our CEO, earned a BA in Psychology from Humboldt State and has had a Laser Etching business and Art Gallery in Redding for 3 ½ years. She is involved in Nature’s Nexus in the capacity of administration, technological support, advertising and day to day operation. Ann Webber our Secretary, is employed by the United States Postal Service, is involved in Jeanette’s business and has been involved in start-up funding and planning, administration, growing operations and staff development at Nature’s Nexus. Kimberly Millett our CFO, has her BA in Mathematics from Humboldt State. She was a Manager in Training at Enterprise Rent-a-Car and has an expert customer service background. She has been instrumental in structuring Nature’s Nexus according to local legal restrictions and managing day to day operations at our Redding location. Also on our team is Monte Blevins, an experience builder with an background in graphics and design. Monte has lived and worked in Mendocino & Humboldt counties, is certified by Oaksterdam University and has extensive growing knowledge. He serves as consultant and liaison for construction and development.

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Plan Benefits and Risks:
We will provide an investor the opportunity to garner benefits from peripheral involvement in the fastest developing industry in the country. Investor will have positive returns on initial investment while retaining note on real property. The success of Nature’s Nexus depends upon our ability to compete with others in the area by providing the best atmosphere, most knowledgeable staff and the highest quality medicine available. This field is new legal territory, and we are prepared to adjust to the political climate and the legal situation as it evolves. We have on employed San Francisco corporate attorney, Matt Kumin, a legal team member for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and have on retainer, attorney William Panzer, allowing us to be on the forefront should recreational use and sale of marijuana become legal.

Financial Responsibility:
We are seeking a 30 year loan to include cost of property plus improvement and development funds with interest negotiable. Once the permits to operate at desired location have been established, we desire a 6 month period to develop location, hire and train staff and become solvent, at which time repayment of loan shall commence.


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