Method of replacing roof shingles

 The roof shingles play an important role in protecting your home especially from rain because it does not allow the water to enter in your homes by promoting …

 The roof shingles play an important role in protecting your home especially from rain because it does not allow the water to enter in your homes by promoting good drainage. It also provides protection from the pests. Roof shingles should look beautiful as it reflects your style statement also. Roof shingles are made up of various materials like wood, asphalt, plastic, metal etc. If shingles become damaged then it is necessary to replace them immediately in order to secure homes. There are some steps which can tell you how to replace roof shingles:

·        Gather tools for removing damaged shingle:-

You must have all the tools needed for pulling out damaged shingles like hayfork, hammer, tripper, galvanized nails, shingle ripper, pry bar etc. You should have a wooden shingles of high quality and it should be match with your previous shingles in terms of texture and length.

·        Remove the shingles that are damaged:-

While removing shingles, you must ensure your safety first. You can wear protective eye wear and gripping boots so that you can walk safely on the roof. You must use the safe and sturdy ladder to climb up the roof. You must take the help of another person to hold the ladder from its base. You must check the damaged area thoroughly to have an exact idea about how many shingles have to be replaced. Then you can use a large hayfork to remove the shingles. You can also use hammer for prying up shingles. Pliers can also be used for pulling out nails from the shingles. You should lift the tabs carefully and then remove all the damaged shingles in a similar way.

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·        Essential replacement material:-

For replacing shingles, you should have all the materials required for replacing the old shingles with the new shingles. You should buy the good shingles. There are some shingles available in the market in which adhesive strips are pre-installed. You should also have roofing nails to install new shingles.

·        Installation of shingles:-

The next step is to place the new shingles in their right positions. Remove the covering of the adhesive strip from the shingles and push the shingles into the

Required place, then fix the nails over it. Thus your shingles are installed in an easy manner.When shingles are installed, lift each tab and apply shingle cement under each tab to secure them.

·        Temporary fixing of split shingles:-

You can use adhesive to repair the split shingles. Another way of fixing split shingles temporarily is the use of aluminum strip. You can slide the aluminum strip by sliding it in such a way that its top end lies below the shingle.

So these are the some ways which can help you in replacing destroyed shingles with new shingles. After installing new shingles, you should clean all the debris. You must do final inspection at the end because if any damaged shingle is left then you can immediately repair it. You should also ensure that all the new shingles are properly aligned. 


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