Mistakes which are important to avoid as a graduate

When you finish studying for a degree you are encountered with one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever face, finding a job. Though you can quite comfortably …

When you finish studying for a degree you are encountered with one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever face, finding a job. Though you can quite comfortably walk into a job with a degree, it’s finding the ideal job to match your credentials that requires a lot of work.

It is important not to settle when you finish your degree, especially considering the hard work you have put in to achieve well. Graduates often find themselves applying for multiple positions, but accept something below their standards because they need some sort of income. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have saved money throughout your time at University, as difficult as this is during what is a very expensive time. If you are able too, you’ll have more freedom to look for the perfect job and won’t be required to take something below your expectations.

Below are two mistakes which should be avoided at all costs if you want to be successful finding a good job.

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Use of a generic resume for all applications

Though it is important to have a generic resume, this should be used as a basis from which you can develop and tailor it to the jobs you are applying for. When recruiters look through a large quantity of resumes, they are looking for key skills which match up with the job specification they have in front of them. If your resume fails to indicate that you have these skills, you will likely be dismissed as a unsuitable applicant. This is a huge reason why it is important to tailor your resume accordingly. Employers won’t automatically assume that due to the level of qualification you have attained you’re going to be capable of fulfilling the role they’re recruiting for. Instead you have to make it obvious for them to see.

Giving up too easily

If you don’t succeed initially, then remember with perseverance you can achieve what you have set out too. Nothing is guaranteed in this life, but usually hard work and determination will pay off. It is common for graduates to apply for a number of positions, fail to hear anything back and then give up. This is understandable given the misconception that finding a job is easy as a graduate, however usually it can take a long time to find the perfect job for you. If you fail to hear back initially, do your best to focus on quality of applications, and modify your resume to ensure you are displaying your full potential on paper. You will be a useful commodity to any company, but it’s important to show potential employers you can be, and never settle for second best.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will optimize your potential and reap the rewards of positive applications. If you are still struggling to find a job in what is a very competitive market, you can elect to study at a VU ONLINE to give yourself an edge over fellow applicants.


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