Mortgage Net Brand – A License to Cash in Under Originator’s Goodwill and Brand

Existing mortgage companies (originators) provide franchise opportunities to local businesses in new territories. The businesses that accept this franchise is referred to as ‘Mortgage Net Branch’. It allows …

Existing mortgage companies (originators) provide franchise opportunities to local businesses in new territories. The businesses that accept this franchise is referred to as ‘Mortgage Net Branch’. It allows the originators to expand their existing loan business in other regions, while franchise gives a good chance of earning profits through brokerage.

Net branch mortgage opportunities enable talented loan officers or managers to develop their personal business and secure better future.

Eligibility of administering a mortgage net branch

·         Mortgage professionals must be licensed

·         Originators prefer the prospective professional to have minimum 3 years of experience in retail mortgage operations like risk analysis, processing and more.

·         Large companies conduct written examination, where potential managers communication skills and goodwill are evaluated

What to expect?

Claim up to $26,000 per W2 Employee

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  • This is not a loan. These tax credits do not need to be repaid
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Net branch will need to complete an assortment of paperwork. The branch’s operation will be conducted under an already established company, so your personal mortgage brand may vanish. Fortunately, there are some originators that allow new managers to hold their existing mortgage brand. If experienced professionals desire to cash in on originator’s good will then be prepared to relinquish your original identity.

How to select an ideal net branch lender?

Choosing an ideal mortgage net branch originator is vital because if agreement is not structured, managed, or supervised properly then it can cause a host of possible pitfalls. If the regulatory, legal, and investors limitations are not take care of properly then the branch and sponsoring company can experience financial disaster. 

Mortgage net branch opportunities are truly tempting but selecting an ideal partner can be overwhelming for you.

Check how they work?

Make sure that the potential net branch originator operates, according to HUD guidelines. To conduct an affiliate net branch business there are suitable and improper ways, so understand the pros and cons of both.

Compare net branch support level

Support like accounting, IT, compliance, payroll, marketing and more are promised easily but very hard and costly to deliver. To compare the different support levels, it is wise to ask the right questions. Visit the headquarters of the potential mortgage company to get an idea of the partners with whom you are going to associate.

Check the net branch pay packages

Common net branch pay packages are flat fee on monthly or per file basis. However, make sure how the lending entity makes money and their motivation. Do they profit when you aren’t making money? Are they encouraged to support you? Remember to be successful in affiliation and your interest has to match your business partner. It means the potential lender entity must be motivated to ensure, your success as well.

Relationships with top tier investors

An excellent net branch originator company will have good relationship with nation’s top lenders and investors. This means you get more money, each month.

Nations Lending Corporation is a lending business that strives hard to work as ONE TEAM with their branch partners. They are committed to listen to their voice and support their branch partners in attaining high potentials.


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