Nature’s Gem – Tennessee Waterfall

  A Truly Spectacular Waterfront Property You Can Call Your Own   Waterfront property has always been in high demand, often considered the greatest selling feature of any …


A Truly Spectacular Waterfront Property You Can Call Your Own
Waterfront property has always been in high demand, often considered the greatest selling feature of any real estate listing.   As with many coveted items, it is this scarcity that makes it desired by many, but possessed by few.   Let’s face it, developed waterfront property is a fixed limited supply, once it is gone, you just can’t create more.   Even within waterfront properties there is a varying level of scarcity, with ponds/lakefront properties being more common than riverfront properties, in turn being more common than ocean front property.   By this logic, the following property, with not one, not two, but three magnificent waterfalls that are either located on or can be seen from within the property boundaries, is therefore truly a scarce natural gem.
Natural falling water is truly a wondrous thing to behold.   For those familiar with the practice of Feng Shui, moving water is dynamic, bustling, and often associated with such activities as networking and communications, and is considered a symbol of a healthy financial flow. Imagine the tranquil sounds of water cascading down the mountain side, the air seemingly alive.   Many Eastern Philosophies highly regard this calming effect, citing negative ions that occur from waterfalls. In ancient textbooks on yoga, that venerable mystic discipline of the East, it’s suggested that a student wishing to perfect his body and mind through breathing exercises should practice near a waterfall. Natural ionization occurs near waterfalls and can also be experienced after a rainstorm.   Remember how great the air around smelled after a rainstorm passed, how invigorating it felt?   Now imagine access to that rarefied air anytime you want (not having to wait for mother nature’s timetable)
By now, I hope you understand the rarity, beauty, and even health promoting aspects that a waterfall provides.   So amazing is the experience of beholding a waterfall that you will rarely find waterfalls on private properties as these spectacular pieces of land are snatched up by the government and made into public parks.   Even rarer still, will one find one of these properties up for sale, as in most cases, the owners realize what a rare gem they possess and rather than sell, will pass it on to their children so that it remains in the family name.
The opportunities that this property presents are endless.   You can keep it all to yourself as your own little sanctuary, a getaway spot that will make you forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and all the stresses there.   You can make this property work for you, generating money as a truly unique bed and breakfast, or even hire it out for wedding parties & receptions.
For those who have yet to experience the great state of Tennessee, here are some things to consider: no state income tax, a temperate climate that allows you to enjoy four distinct seasons, great natural scenic attractions, and good old southern hospitality and cooking. Winters are mild with the average temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer months are a prime time for outdoor recreational activities, with an average temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit. This property is located within 1 hr of both Nashville and Chattanooga, giving relatively easy access to both major metropolitan areas.   In fact, Tennessee boasts a central location and is only a day’s drive of 76 percent of the major United States markets, such as Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago and Cincinnati.
By now the question on everyone’s mind is, “Well how much is this paradise going to cost me?” The owners have agreed to let this property go for the asking price of $1.5 million. Let’s put that in perspective for you:
For $1.5 million you can:
1)      Buy a single car (Bugatti Veryon)
2)      Have a 0.5% share of the Hope Diamond
3)      Have 7.5% of the fee for a private space flight to the international space station
4)      1.4% share of Pablo Picasso’s “Boy With A Pipe” painting
5)      0.000000013% of the Dallas Cowboys NFL Franchise
OR … you can have 202 acres of exquisite natural beauty, complete with vistas of three breath-taking waterfalls (one of which is within direct view of the primary residence), a quaint trout pond (also within direct view of the primary residence), 7 miles of road/trail, and a property that will literally leave your guests speechless.   Two other surprises await the new owners, the previous owners have built two additional buildings on the main compound (a 50’s gas station replica, and a circa 50’s style general store, with a total of 8 garages) that have delighted visitors, family, and friends alike.   Sounds like a bargain to me.
Pictures do not do this property justice.   If you are seriously considering this property for purchase, you must see this site in person and you will share in the amazement that all those who have come before you have felt.

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