Passion Investment in Yellow Diamonds

Everything in life is relative, including diamonds. Some, for example a one carat, f colored, round brilliant, are quite common, while others, like any natural fancy color diamond, …

Everything in life is relative, including diamonds. Some, for example a one carat, f colored, round brilliant, are quite common, while others, like any natural fancy color diamond, are rarely ever seen. In fact, on a scale of rarity, all fancy color diamonds are incredibly rare compared to some of the most unique items available in the market today.

They are far rarer than colorless diamonds, which are already considered internationally recognized, highly valued items. Although, one of the most indisputable truths about color diamonds is that regardless of which color, all are beautiful to someone, since color diamonds are found with various different hues and colors, they are automatically divided into several categories of value. Now, some colors such as red, blue, and pink are very unique and are not found often. Many jewelers, who ordinarily handle colorless diamonds every day of their professional lives, will never handle a red, blue, or even pink diamond. On the other hand, some colors, such as yellow and brown diamonds, are much easier to get a hold of, at least in comparison to the former colors. So, again, it is all relative.

Yellow diamonds are rare, but they are far more common than other color diamonds. At the same time, there are different levels of yellow diamonds assessed according to their color saturation and intensity. As many already know, color is everything when it comes to fancy color diamonds, and the more intensely the color shows, the more valuable the diamond becomes. It is therefore imperative to analyze the different levels and types of yellow diamonds in order to know whether a specific stone is valuable and if it could be considered a wise investment.

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Color diamonds are graded mainly based on their color, unlike colorless diamonds where are all 4Cs are of equal value. The color is divided into two categories: intensity and color. The first refers to the color intensity level of the diamond, which ranges, depending on the color, anywhere from Very Faint to Fancy Deep. The color refers to the hue of the stone, which can be one pure color or a combination of several secondary colors.

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Pure diamonds are preferable as are those with more intense colors. In yellow diamonds, which are more common and generally more affordable, Fancy Vivid Yellow is considered the most valuable intensity level that exists. Obviously, after the color and intensity, the other factors come into play. Fancy vivid yellow diamonds, with a high clarity, above 2 carats display a very rich and vibrant yellow color and can often be considered worthy of an investment stone.

Investment Considerations

Ordinarily, when considering a color diamond for the purpose of an investment, customers choose extremely rare stones, such as red or pink diamonds. However, similar to any other investment commodity, supply and demand weigh in on its value. Therefore, a yellow diamond of the right intensity level, size, and characteristics (such as the aforementioned fancy vivid yellow diamond of high clarity, above 2 carats) can be considered a very wise investment.

Diamonds are a private asset, meaning that since the prices paid are not public, it isn’t simple to ascertain the market value. Therefore, the prices paid at public actions weigh in heavily with regards to color diamond market value, in addition to the prices paid within the trade.

When compared to some of the world’s most successful and valuable commodities and their appreciation over the past ten years, fancy vivid yellow diamonds have proved that they do not only rise in value over time, but they far surpass their fellow commodities such as NASDAQ, Samsung, gold and even oil. (See Vivid Yellow Diamonds – An Investment for a more in depth statistical analysis.) Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds have been sold over the past decade in various sizes and many have managed to bring in over $100,000 per carat, which is rather unusual for yellow diamonds. This goes to show that it is not black and white when it comes to diamonds, and that each and every color diamond needs to be assessed for the individual qualities that it possesses.

Perhaps this might be considered among the best forms of a passion investment. As when it comes to diamonds and jewelry, there is way to invest all while enjoying every moment of your investment!


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