Preparing Your House For A Sale – Are You Ready To Get A New One?

Did you recently plan on selling your old home and move into a new one? If you’ve already chosen your new home, you must be ready right away …

Did you recently plan on selling your old home and move into a new one? If you’ve already chosen your new home, you must be ready right away to sell off your old home. Every seller is eager to sell off his old home and get top dollar. Well, it is not only sheer luck that makes it happen as you need to have careful planning and knowing the ways in which you can spruce up your home in such a way that will send the prospective homebuyers will be ready to write the desired amount in their checkbooks. If you’re not aware of the steps, here are some that you may consider:

1.    Disassociate yourself with the home: When you’re about to build a new home, you should be able to bid goodbye to your old home. Keep saying to yourself that this is not your home and it is a product that can sold off like in a grocery store. Try to let go of the emotions attached and focus on the fact that very soon this house will no longer be yours. Say goodbye to each and every room and look towards the future and not backwards.
2.    Remove all the personal things: As you’re moving off to a new home pack up all those family heirlooms and family photographs. Buyers usually don’t want to see personal artifacts and you shouldn’t distract them in any way. Buyers will imagine their own pictures on their walls and how can they do so if the walls are filled with your pictures? So, de-personalize as soon as possible.
3.    Collect all the junk and clean up: There are people who collect a huge lot of junk from their old homes. If you haven’t used up a number of things in the last few years, either donate or throw the things away, pack up all those knickknacks that might irritate the new buyer, remove the books from the book shelves and take them to your new home, clean the kitchen counters and make it ready for the buyer.
4.    Rearrange closets and cabinets: You will see that if when you , you will tend to initially open and check the bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets. Always imagine what a buyer can think about you when she finds everything organized. It will speak well about you and they will get the impression that you take good care of the rest of the house as well.
5.    Make some small repairs if needed: If there’s a cracked floor or counter tiles, repair them. Patch up the holes in the walls, fix up the leaky faucets and fix up all those doors that don’t close properly. Don’t give the buyers unnecessary loopholes to complain about you.

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So, if you’ve already searched for a new home and you wish to put your house on sell, you should take into account the above mentioned facts into consideration.

Author-bio: Lauren Taylor Drew is an expert in the real estate industry and also manages a number of blogs that deal with various topics related to the home and the current industry. Some topics covered by Lauren Taylor are the current mortgage rates, the steps that need to be taken by the homebuyers to get the best deal and many more.


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