Prevent Scratches and Stains on Hardwood Flooring with These Innovative Tips

Whether having hardwood flooring installed on a new construction or when a home renovation project is underway, it is important to understand that this type of flooring needs …

Whether having hardwood flooring installed on a new construction or when a home renovation project is underway, it is important to understand that this type of flooring needs to be cared for and protected in ways unlike tile or carpeting. Although they are called hardwood floors, and indeed are made with true hard woods, they are susceptible to scratches and marring if not well cared for. Here are some innovative tips to help prevent scratches on hardwood flooring.

Careful Selection of Mats and Runners

One of the biggest mistakes a high end flooring store like notices their customers making is in choosing the wrong types of floor mats. When the rug or mat is to be placed on a hardwood floor, it needs (and this is essential!) to be breathable. If not, moisture can build up underneath, causing mildew and stains which are not only unsightly but damaging to the floor.

Also, any place in the home that has access to the hardwood floor should have an entryway mat. High volume traffic can create unnecessary wear and tear and will almost certainly cause scratching if you are not careful. Be aware of the fact that your floor will be quite slippery. Any mats and throw rugs you use on the hardwood flooring should have a non-slip backing.

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What You Should Know about Animals and Hardwood Flooring

If you have inside pets, it’s vital to keep their nails clipped and buffed. Nothing scratches hardwood floors quite as much as dogs and cats with sharp nails. Besides being a way to protect your floor, clipping your pets’ nails is healthier for them. As for stains? If your pet isn’t 100% house trained, never let them run unattended on a hardwood floor. Just as you would mop up a spill immediately so it doesn’t stain, so too would you need to run around behind your pet for those unfortunate pet potty ‘accidents’.

Protecting Your Hardwood Floor from Furniture

Most furniture is quite heavy and even if it doesn’t get moved about very often, it can cause marks on the wood simply from sitting there. The weight of the piece will eventually wear a groove or dimple in the floor and you want to prevent that. Most hardware stores and flooring stores carry a wide range of protector pads, often manufactured in felt, that are placed under legs to prevent those gouges. Also, never slide furniture or appliances across a hardwood floor. If it can’t be lifted and carried, there are dollies with rubber wheels that can do the trick.


The importance of protecting your hardwood floor can’t be stressed enough. Yes, it is one of the most elegant types of flooring, but it can quickly deteriorate if not well cared for. If you have recently renovated your home and need to move furniture back into the room once the floor is complete, by all means, rent a dolly and furniture pads to protect your new investment. These floors can outlive your home but only if you take steps to keep them from being scratched and stained.



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