Property Investment In Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt

With its sweeping coastline and stunning views, it’s easy to see why Sahl Hasheesh has often been labelled as a jewel of the Red Sea. As one of …

With its sweeping coastline and stunning views, it’s easy to see why Sahl Hasheesh has often been labelled as a jewel of the Red Sea. As one of the most dynamic and fastest growing luxury resorts in Egypt, The Sahl Hasheesh represents a cosmopolitan land of opportunity; for both tourists and investors.

Wherever buildings are being constructed to cope with exponential growth, investment opportunities arise, with property developers keen to get a slice of the action. The Sahl Hasheesh is no different, with an almost endless variety of different property requirements.

First off, the area is rapidly growing as a luxury holiday getaway, and when people head away on a break, they always need somewhere to stay. With new Sahl Hasheesh apartments, hotels, villas and holiday homes springing up on a regular basis, this presents a great opportunity for investors who can look to make significant returns on relatively small outlays.

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The chances to invest don’t just end with holiday accommodation; when people travel, they want things to do. Restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs will all be high on the list of tourist must-haves for the area, as well as leisure activities like golf and water sports – so these kinds of property can also be considered as a wise investment.

At the heart of the ambitious Sahl Hasheesh project is the intention to sustain this wonderful metropolis, not only by improving Egypt’s standing as a tourism and residential center, but by also making a lasting contribution to the wider world.

Alongside the hotels and tourism amenities, there are grand infrastructural plans, including the construction of hospitals, universities, medical centers and research centers. All of these will be run professionally, signalling an intention for the Egyptian people to come to the forefront of change in the world, producing skilled and intelligent people.

Of course, with this ambitious vision will come the need for residential properties. With work already starting in this ever expanding resort, investment opportunities are already available and will only continue to accelerate over the coming months and years. With Egypt’s relatively cheap construction costs, property investment looks like a safe way to take advantage of The Sahl Hasheesh and its exciting future.

Even though the development of Sahl Hasheesh is relatively embryonic, there is no question that this stunning, well connected area will continue to bring more and more visitors, as well as Egyptian natives looking to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities afforded by the project. As a result, investing in property in Sahl Hasheesh is surely a no brainer, with this Red Sea jewel only headed one way; up.


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