Property Sales: The Fascinating Future of the Real Estate Agent

Technology is changing the world we live in beyond recognition. New developments are made every year that affect how we live our lives and how we work. One …

Technology is changing the world we live in beyond recognition. New developments are made every year that affect how we live our lives and how we work. One area that is seeing many changes is that of real estate. So with all of the technological advancements that are set to arrive over the coming years, what will the future of the estate agent look like?

Drones & Virtual Reality: Just Around the Corner?

There is no saying exactly what the future will bring, but there are suggestions that some very futuristic sounding technology is just around the corner.

Take drones, for example. Drones are being used more and more these days, and not just for military purposes. Amazon boss Jess Bezos even suggested drones could be used to deliver goods to people’s homes. And it would be no surprise if drones were increasingly used to carry out photography work for estate agents trying to get better images of their properties.

Virtual reality is also making headway with developments like the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Could this mean estate agents will be able to invite customers into a home and show them around without having to be physically present?

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Estate agents may even be able to tap into a greater amount of big data to get immediate access to data about customers that is currently not available. This could allow them to target customers much more accurately, even though it could have privacy implications.

The Future Is Now

Although these technological advancements are certainly possible – and maybe even likely – in the future, there are many technological advances that have already been made. Estate agents need to keep up to date with these to avoid being caught out.

For example, there is more information available online than ever before. People can now explore properties through photos, take a trip around the surrounding area with Google Street View, get a birds-eye view with Google Earth –  all without having to leave their home.

That means estate agents have to ensure they are still providing value to encourage people to keep using their services. So how can they do this?

Using videos to sell properties is one way to do this. Professional productions can be shared online and provide something extra that distinguishes estate agents from their competitors. Despite buyers being able to get access to other information online, a video walkthrough of a property can help to provide the human element that is so needed, and videos can therefore be essential as part of a content marketing strategy.

Use of social media is also essential. Social media allows estate agents to connect with customers in many different ways and not just on the end of the phone. This important tool can be used to provide more personal marketing that can reach out to buyers in the way that they want and, increasingly, expect.

Communication Will Always Be Key

Estate agents must change the way they do things to accommodate advances in technology that are changing the way people buy properties. However, there is one factor that will always be crucial: the human element. By ensuring that they always focus on communication and provide excellent customer service, estate agents can ensure that they always have an important role to play, no matter what the future brings.


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