Real Estate Investor and Mentor Group

Who We Are We are a Real Estate Investing and Mentoring group. Lifestyles Unlimited has been serving the United States since 1990 by mentoring over 9000 members on …

Who We Are

We are a Real Estate Investing and Mentoring group.

Lifestyles Unlimited has been serving the United States since 1990 by mentoring over 9000 members on how to create wealth and passive income through real estate. Our students learn how to get on the ladder to financial independence, no matter where they’re starting from.

The ultimate goal for our members is to yield enough passive monthly cashflow from real estate to cover their family’s monthly expenses. We help you determine and execute the most efficient plan of action to make this a reality.

We Host Radio Shows about Real Estate Investing

We produce 4 hours of real estate investing radio content each day. Every show is available to you via podcast, on your local radio dial, or via online streaming.

Our radio shows are content-heavy; meaning that listeners will take away valuable information from every show.

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We use real estate to build wealth, passive income,
and financial freedom.

80% of the millionaires in the United States achieved much of their wealth using real estate as their main vehicle. Every dollar put into a piece of real estate makes money in 6 ways translating into rates of return over 100%:

  • Equity capture
  • Equity build-up
  • Forced appreciation
  • Market appreciation
  • Cash flow
  • Tax advantage

We Write Articles about Real Estate Investing

With over 19 years of experience and 9000 members, our mentors know the best practices for creating wealth with real estate in the most efficient way. Our mentors write how-to articles to educate you on their topic of expertise. You will not find another site with more free original articles on real estate investing.

We Produce TV Shows about Real Estate Investing

Some of our members have taken the information we have given them and run with it. We capture their success on video with our video case studies. Members walk you through their deals, explaining how they did it. You could be the next star of the show!

Our program is based on the experience of successful investors.

Our powerful and extensive program is the result of the personal experiences of thousands of real estate investors whose constant efforts have led to its continuing improvement and effectiveness. We will help you overcome whatever reason, excuse, or fear that has kept you from taking the necessary actions to succeed. We will also help you design your own plan to accomplish your individual goals, teach you new ways to make a living, and keep you going with our personalized support system. No longer is there reason to suffer the pain, dissatisfaction, and uncertainty associated with an otherwise disappointing financial future. The profits you earn from your initial investments will enable you, in a relatively short period of time, to reach your financial goals.

Each month we have a fun and inspiring case-study night where our members share their experiences of recent acquisitions and their progress toward financial freedom.

The case study night is an opportunity for members to share with other members their successes and challenges. They discuss specific details about their recent acquisitions such as purchase price, cash flow, equity capture, how they found the deal, and everything you need to know to do it yourself. Listen and learn from people just like you.

“It’s not the money, it’s the lifestyle.”TM

Life is not just about money. It is about family, fitness, wealth, career, charity, and legacy. This means having the available time to do these things. Free from having to go to a job each day, free from a boss controlling your time. It means spending more time with family and people close to you, participating in charities and other service opportunities, travelling, and simply having fun.

Focusing on the accumulation of money and stuff doesn’t satisfy our human needs and leaves people feeling empty. Our motivation is to attain the freedom to live how we choose and building wealth is just a way to achieve that. Life should be about passion and joy, not quiet desperation.


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