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Real estate can be a challenging and competitive market, but those who stand out by using multiple marketing techniques will succeed. While some marketing strategies will cost money, …

Real estate can be a challenging and competitive market, but those who stand out by using multiple marketing techniques will succeed. While some marketing strategies will cost money, others can be implemented at little cost.  Keep reading for some tips.

Building a Network

It is advisable to build a network with other real estate professionals in your area. Clearly, this will not be other agents as they will be competitors. Instead, you will want to network with individuals such as title companies, appraisers and mortgage originators. When you refer your clients to these people, it helps them and in turn they will help you. This is a form of free advertising because it lowers your advertising costs while also reducing the time you have to spend prospecting.

Maintain Contact with Your Clients

Some real estate agents lose contact with their clients after they’ve sold them a home; this is a big mistake. Maintaining contact with your clients is a simple, zero cost way to market yourself and receive word-of-mouth advertising, one of the best ways to get exposure and leads. You can send out a newsletter to your clients via email and even include tips on caring for the home.

Unleash the Power of the Internet

The internet is a very effective tool for expanding your marketing strategies. Websites such as offer courses which are government approved. There are also online companies that will allow you to use virtual tours as a way to show homes to potential clients. Virtual tours are vastly more effective than photos because they give you a three dimensional view of the property.

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Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are some of the newest marketing tools in the real estate agent’s toolbox. With these sites you can put up your thoughts on the market, as well as networking with other professionals and potential clients who are looking for a home. Social media can also allow you to reach people around the world, some of whom may be considering buying a property in your area.

It goes without saying that every real estate agent needs a website or blog. Any real estate agent that doesn’t have one or both is putting themselves at a tremendous disadvantage. Building a website or blog and getting it to rank well in the search engines for related keywords can bring you a tremendous amount of sales over the long run. Many real estate agents won’t be familiar with building or marketing a site, but there are many reputable companies out there that can assist you.

No Cold Calls


The days of marketing via cold calls have come to an end, especially with certain laws regarding telemarketing. A better way of meeting potential clients is to do so in person at public events such as fairs, sporting events or other community activities. People in these environments will be more relaxed, and offering them your business card will go much further than the traditional cold call. Your business card should be professionally designed. Its quality says a lot about your business and those who take the time to design a quality business card will receive quality results.



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