Retiring in Ecuador Holds Surprises, Not Regrets

One couple who recently retired in Cuenca, Ecuador, says there is no real way to plan for the changes that await a transition to expat living, regardless of …

One couple who recently retired in Cuenca, Ecuador, says there is no real way to plan for the changes that await a transition to expat living, regardless of how much research and scouting one does before making the big move. Even so, lower costs of living, less stress and more ease in the lifestyle, and security knowing there is top-flight medical care and easy travel back to the U.S. to visit friends and family makes it a regret-free decision. For more on this continue reading the following article from International Living.

Many people dream of retiring to a foreign country and starting an exciting new life. But the uncertainty of such a bold transition…and the niggling questions it raises…sometimes prevents those dreams coming true.

“What will my life really be like?”

“What if I need medical attention?”

“What if I miss my family too much?”

These are important questions. Moving overseas is not to be taken lightly, and proper due diligence plus deep soul searching must precede your final decision. But in the end, you’ve just got to jump out there and make it happen.

After a “look/see” trip and a year of preparation my wife and I arrived in Cuenca, Ecuador over two years ago. We’d done plenty of research and felt like we had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

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We were wrong.

The truth is, no amount of advance planning can replace “boots on the ground.” There’s so much thrown at you that’s new and different…some days it can seem overwhelming. But you get through those days and slowly begin to experience a more relaxed rhythm of daily life.

Less stress when you retire to Ecuador

Why should you consider retiring in a place like Cuenca? If you now live with constant stress, deadlines, and complications, get ready to leave that all behind. The Latin American lifestyle is leisurely and unhurried. (And it’s not going to change for you.)

Better to decompress and learn to go with the flow. This usually takes a little time, but once you fall under the intoxicating spell of no schedules, long naps, and even longer lunches with friends, you’ll be forever transformed.

Maybe with your newfound freedom you would like to “give back” and contribute more of your time to worthwhile causes. A Third World country like Ecuador is brimming with opportunities for you to do so. Schools and orphanages are always extremely grateful for volunteer assistance.

If you’ve always wanted to pursue hobbies that you could never find time for, look no further than Cuenca for support. We have writers’ groups, painting and drawing classes, cooking courses, Spanish schools, music lessons and more. (If you can’t find a group sharing your interests, feel free to start one!)

Perhaps you just want to have the quiet life you’ve always envisioned, but you are fearful that economic constraints at home will make even this simple dream impossible. You will be pleased to discover that here in Ecuador you can enjoy a fulfilling life at a fraction of your current budget.

And that includes everything from housing to food to medical care.

Relocating far from your family is where that soul searching is most important. Are you deeply attached to cherished grandchildren? Do you visit them regularly? Listen to your heart and stay close by.

But also know that within one day’s travel you can be almost anywhere in the U.S. or Canada from Cuenca.

By properly planning and being honest about your expectations, you can create a happy and healthy life overseas—in Ecuador or anywhere. Make a wise decision about whether it’s right for you and, if so, choose a location that emphatically says: “This is it!”

You won’t regret it.

This article was republished with permission from International Living.


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