Scholastic eyewear that helps students read and focus better.

  The Product The product is a pair of glasses that helps to minimize visual distractions for people that want to focus more on the task at hand. The …


The Product

The product is a pair of glasses that helps to minimize visual distractions for people that want to focus more on the task at hand. The design blocks peripheral vision and improves cognitive performance. To prevent individuals from becoming self-conscious, the glasses have a mirrored finish so they look like ordinary sunglasses. Non prescription lenses are used in the glasses. Even the strongest readers can be easily distracted in highly active environments.  The glasses allows you to remain focused on portions of the work or text in front of you, in turn improving comprehension and retention during the course of your studies or work. The benefits of wearing these glasses are improved concentration, increased time on task, improved school performance, improved work performance, overall improved self esteem and improved quality of life.

These glasses are designed to help the wearer improve focus by eliminating outside visual distractions. This can be highly beneficial for a number of individuals in a wide range of situations including:

– Those children and adults who struggle with reading in busy environments 

– Students struggling in early years of schooling

– College students attempting to study in busy dorms or libraries

-Students hoping to focus on reading while traveling.

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Scholastic Eyewear, Inc. glasses can be an affordable investment that will improve the wearer’s ability to study or focus in even the most hectic and fast paced environments. The glasses also save the students study time when the focus is enhanced and distractions are minimized.

Product Research

Glasses have been given to students to try. In most cases, the students saw improved focus and concentration when they were studying or reading in class or at home. Distractions were minimized, if not removed totally. Most students said they also listened better to their teachers. The talking and lack of attention of students was also reduced drastically. There were gains in many key areas of behavior and brainwave patterns associated with attention, learning, and faster mental processing speeds. The glasses will help people that are stressed out, overwhelmed, and basically lacking focus while they study or read.

The data shows that most of the clients increased their wpm (words per minute) in the fluency assessment while wearing the glasses. There were also some gains in the comprehension analysis and true/false assessment as well.

There was an average reduction of foot fidgeting of 70%, and a decrease in the number of times the children looked away from their books by 44% according to self-reports. The increase, as much as 40%, in this key frequency associated with school and test performance correlated with the children’s average report of distractions and distractibility being reduced by 36% with the glasses on during reading.


These numbers are from the United States Department of Education.

The total number of students registered in school or college is 81.5 million students.

The breakdown is in 3 groups (K-8th grade, 9th-12th grade, and college).

K-8th grade                                                      37.9 million students

9th – 12th grade                                              26.1 million students

College and graduate school                          17.5 million students


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