Secure High Yield Predictable Profit From Income Producing Vehicle Loans

Zinc Income Fund ( is a private equity income fund focused on providing senior debt for vehicle financing by purchasing loans made to hard working people secured by hard working …

Zinc Income Fund ( is a private equity income fund focused on providing senior debt for vehicle financing by purchasing loans made to hard working people secured by hard working cars.

Claim up to $26,000 per W2 Employee

  • Billions of dollars in funding available
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  • This is not a loan. These tax credits do not need to be repaid
The ERC Program is currently open, but has been amended in the past. We recommend you claim yours before anything changes.

Key Investment points:
Income Fund. The Fund makes monthly distributions, although investors can elect to have their distributions automatically reinvested each month. IRA, ERISA, Keough, Pension plan and any other retirement plan money is welcome and allowed.
Compelling Return at Low Risk. The current annualized net yield is 14.26% (2012) and January 2013 returns were an annualized net yield of 15.4%.
Complete Transparency. We invest in first liens on vehicles. We do not have an exotic strategy of some hedge funds that trade in synthetic securities, derivatives, etc. (i.e., Madoff and Wall Street). Any investor or potential investor is always welcome to visit the office (or online) and review our liens and loans and is provided to any investor upon request.
Proprietary Deal Flow. Zinc Auto Finance is our affiliate.  The Fund has the right to look at all of Athas’ commercial bridge loans, and this allows the Fund to invest in only the safest loans that have the most protective equity and the most attractive. Anything that Zinc Income Fund does not finance sold to Zinc Auto Finance or just not purchased. Essentially, Zinc can purchase the cream-of-the-crop loans.
Diversification.  Our average loan amount is approximately $10,000.  Due to the sheer number of vehicle loans able to be purchased by the Fund, several loans would have to default and be complete losses for yields to be substantially impacted.  As of 2012, the average default rate in the indirect financing industry is 2%, which in our estimate will have a negligible impact on yield.
Low Volatility. Everyone is aware of the volatility in the equity markets but most investment opportunities these days are volatile as well, including corporate bonds and other fixed income investments. The S&P 500 and Wall Street fluctuate daily, and some of the largest losses came in the form of investing in stocks and bonds throughout 2007-2010.  We turn over our complete portfolio in approximately 3 years, making the Fund largely immune to market fluctuations.
Loan is Paid in Full and Always Less Than The Retail Price of the Secured Vehicle.  Our loans are fully amortized and the monthly payment per vehicle averages $300, making the payment affordable by the borrower.  Most importantly, our payments are aggressively amortized to ensure that the value of the vehicle is more than the outstanding amount owed on the vehicle.
Skin in the Game and Investor Structure.  Each principal of the manager of the Fund has at least $250,000 invested in the Fund.  Significantly, investors are required to earn a double-digit (10%) annualized yield each month prior to the managers earning a dime.
For more information, contact Zinc Income Fund at, visit us online at  This is not an offer to sell securities and an offer can only be made through an Offering Circular. 

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