Seeking Investors For Fuel Saving Gadget Technology

  Get Started Claim up to $26,000 per W2 Employee Billions of dollars in funding availableFunds are available to U.S. Businesses NOWThis is not a loan. These tax …


Claim up to $26,000 per W2 Employee

  • Billions of dollars in funding available
  • Funds are available to U.S. Businesses NOW
  • This is not a loan. These tax credits do not need to be repaid
The ERC Program is currently open, but has been amended in the past. We recommend you claim yours before anything changes.

We are into the manufacturing and marketing company producing a FUEL SAVING DEVICE that improves FUEL COMBUSTION of any internal combustion engine. The device was invented to MAXIMIZE an engines’ performance at a fraction of the usual cost of the popular HOT RODDING techniques.
Besides giving 10-20% added engine power it also gives 1.) 20-50% added mileage/savings, 2.) 95% Less Air Pollution, 3.) Less 30% Maintenance Cost, 4.) 30% Longer engine life.
FUEL SAVING DEVICE is a catalytic converter uses the elements in the air to fine tune the fuel & air mixture entering the intake manifold to the chemically correct (stoichiometric) ratio (14.7 parts air to 1 part gas). More it distributes this mixture uniformly to all the cylinders of the engine. and recycles the unburned carbons into usable gases thus giving a higher fuel yield. During burst of acceleration and deceleration FUEL SAVING DEVICE chemically adjusts & help supply exactly the right fuel and air mixture (lean or rich) at the right time so that the engine can run powerfully, economically and without the air pollutants that results from poorly mixed, distributed and burned fuel.
* Fuel savings (gas and diesel)
* Longer engine life
* Quick acceleration with added torque
* Less maintenance cost
* Benefits visible upon installation
* One year replacement guarantee
* Durable; steel stainless; effective life 5-10 years
* Easily removable & washable filter tip
* Transferable from one vehicle to another
This product would not the same other fuel saving devices other fuel saving devices either attaches to the fuel line to improve fuel vaporization or some attaches to the intake manifold and simulates a turbo charger.
Our gas saver plus is also attached to the intake manifold but because it contains a turbine and a catalyst inside the stainless steel casing does the following:
1.    The turbine acts as a powerful turbo charger pushing the incoming air & fuel mixture for maximum entry in the combustion chamber before the intake valve closes.
2.    Whereas the catalyst clean the incoming air and completely vaporizes the fuel injector into the intake manifold before entering the combustion chamber.
3.    The catalyst also cleans and expels the accumulated carbon deposits inside the combustion chambers thus getting the rated or maximum cubic inch displacement of the engine for maximum air and fuel entry and no wastages.
Together all these features ( are not found in other brands of fuel saving devices) results to less fuel wastages giving maximum engine performance and a higher fuel yield with less harmful emission.
We are in the PHILIPPINE based, Patent pending. Seeking Investors willing to invest at least USD$ 2,500,000.00 for the manufacturing and commercialization of this products. We are interested also in expanding our area of distribution worldwide. I know and believe that in 2-3 years the investors will see their investment doubled, if not tripled.

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