Should eCommerce sites invest in SEO today?

 When seeking to invest in an e-Commerce site, SEO is a priority. SEO provides for visibility, (Pays per Clicks) PPC, Pays Per View (PPV) and improved conversion rates …

 When seeking to invest in an e-Commerce site, SEO is a priority. SEO provides for visibility, (Pays per Clicks) PPC, Pays Per View (PPV) and improved conversion rates for online retail traders. The visibility will also ensure that apart from the listing for your market niche, there are advertisements on your site, which provide for more revenue. This way, you can reduce on the price for listing an item by clients or provide free listing if the online e-Commerce site provides the revenue you require. Therefore, this article will look into why it is imperative to improve your e-Commerce site using SEO and why you should not ignore this today, as there is a growing population of online users who require commercial services online.

Time investment

Essentially, SEO is not an exercise you do once for your site and assume it is a done deal. In addition, you should not expect immediate results when dealing with SEO. When you have an e-Commerce site, expect to keep improving the SEO for your e-Commerce site based on your clients’ present needs in order to keep your conversion rates, visibility and profitability up. Therefore, time is a huge investment with SEO of your e-Commerce site, but the payoffs are great.


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You can make use of affiliate marketing and AdSense to make enough revenue from your e-Commerce site based on PPV and PPC. Naturally, most e-Commerce sites have 10-50pages. As such, there will be flexibility in keywords. Therefore, your brand needs to rank highly in order to gain more visibility online.

In order to ensure an e-Commerce site ranks well, ensure you optimize individual pages well using unique content and laser keyword targeting. All this will take some time; therefore, you need to have patience before an SEO strategy gains profits for your online retail trade.

The traffic percentage accrued

Once you have worked hard and started popping up on Google, you need to know how much traffic you are getting. In addition, you need to look into the return on investment for using an SEO strategy for your e-Commerce website.

Mostly, the top positions for Google search get about 30% of traffic at any point in time. Therefore, your e-Commerce site needs an average of 2000 searches in one month to rank position one on Google search. If you rank position three, your site is only getting 9 to 10% of the traffic for the particular brand name you use for your site or a particular keyword common to your site.

At position 3 of the Google search, you are guaranteed 8-14months of solid visibility. Therefore, the percentage of your SEO e-Commerce traffic determines the success of the site.

You need to ensure that you have the right SEO strategy for your e-Commerce site. It is difficult to be well ranked in Google search. Additionally, you need to ensure that you keep updating your SEO as a good ranking may not last when the market needs change. As a result, ensure you gain a good brand name that your clients trust. This way, you will not have to rely only on keywords in your e-Commerce site pages.

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