Sterbegeldversicherung ohne Wartezeit

What you can expect from a good Sterbegeldversicherung ohne Wartezeit A good funeral insurance is characterized firstly by a very good price / performance ratio, on the other …

What you can expect from a good Sterbegeldversicherung ohne Wartezeit

A good funeral insurance is characterized firstly by a very good price / performance ratio, on the other hand, one should always look for in the tariffs on offered additional services. In addition to a favorable tariff should for example be not more than three years, the waiting time for a contract without health issues. It also makes sense to conclude a contract without earmarking. Also recommended are ultimately all deals!

From A to Z: What you should know about funeral expenses insurance

Older Sterbegeldversicherung:

A funeral insurance may be the earliest completed the age of 40. An early conclusion of the contract is worth, younger insured will benefit from special tariffs. Unlike a term life insurance a funeral insurance to a ripe old age is possible. All insurers offer contracts to 75 years, some companies even up to 85 years. The insurance period is lifelong. Most term life insurance (term life) have a maximum entry age of 67 years in contrast. The insurance period is limited and usually ends with 70 years.


On application, the policyholder specifies who should get the insurance payment of funeral expenses insurance on maturity and death benefits. On maturity, is usually the applicant itself the beneficiary, for an insured event the spouse or another person indicated as a beneficiary of birth and address.

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Payout on maturity:

A survival benefit is only possible for a termination. Like any other life insurance can also be a funeral insurance be terminated. Upon termination, the redemption value is paid to the policyholder. With most suppliers less the costs incurred by the termination processing, as well as mitigating the changed risk situation for the other insured

The payout on maturity (termination) is taxable as fixed income from capital assets (§ 20 paragraph 1 point 6 of the EStG). Tax paid is thereby the difference between the insurance benefit and the sum of the amounts attributable to insurance benefits Beiträge.Eine capital gains tax is not payable on the death benefit insurance if the payment of principal is made after a contract term of at least 12 years and after the age of 62 years the taxable person ,

Payout insured event:

The agreed services shall be paid to the beneficiary upon presentation of the policy and an official death certificate. In case of doubt, the insurance may also request a doctor or official certificate about the cause of death as well as the start and progression of an illness of the insured.

The insured event should be reported to the insurance as soon as possible in writing or by phone, at Monuta example within 30 days for a Sterbegeldversicherung ohne Wartezeit. If there are all the necessary documents to the insurance, the payment of the agreed sum insured occurs within a few days.

Post freedom:

In some (many?) Providers the funeral expenses insurance can be converted into a premium-free insurance with periodic premiums from policyholders (for example Monuta). A prerequisite for exemption from premium that the insured amount reaches a certain minimum amount, which varies from insurance company to insurance (for example, 45 euros).

Health check:

Most tariffs for funeral expenses insurance without a medical examination, for policyholders have a waiting period of two to three years in purchasing company (exceptions, see the bullet point “waiting period). Occurs before the deadline an insurance case, only the contribution already paid and not the agreed sum insured will be paid normally.


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