Texas Governor Rick Perry is the most successful state leader in the world.

Sahit Muja: Texas Governor Rick Perry is the most successful state leader in the world.  I have closely followed Texas Governor  Rick Perry in his achievements and  what …

Sahit Muja: Texas Governor Rick Perry is the most successful state leader in the world.

 I have closely followed Texas Governor  Rick Perry in his achievements and  what he has done in Texas is amazing.  Governor Rick Perry is one of the most successful state leaders in the world and the best governor in  the USA. He is a source of inspiration for hard-working entrepreneurs. He is loved by Republicans and Democrats in Texas and U.S. His achievements in Texas speak for themselves. But what he accomplished in job creation is astonishing. He has done an amazing job rebuilding Texas infrastructure, supporting businesses, and education .

Gov. Rick Perry boasts that Texas is "open for business." In January 2001, shortly after Perry became governor. Texas had 9,542,400 jobs as of October 2010 according to US Department of labor Texas has 12,141 million jobs.

Texas has created more than 2.6 million jobs under Governor Perry’s leadership, by any measure, Texas tops nation in job creation in last 5 years.

 As of December 3rd, 2010, Texas, the second-largest state, has created more jobs than any other state in Perry’s time as governor.

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Governor Perry sums up the Texas model in five words: "Don’t spend all the money." Here is what a good long run of small-government, low-tax conservatism has achieved in Texas: Once a largely agricultural state, Texas today is home to 6 of the 25 largest cities in the country, more than any other state.

Texas has a trillion-dollar economy that would make it the 14Th-largest national economy in the world. By one estimate, 70 percent of the new jobs that were created in the United States in 2008 were created in Texas. Texas is home to America’s highest-volume port, the largest medical center in the world, and the headquarters of more Fortune 500 companies than any other states in U.S.

 If one dances, one must pay the piper. For far too long The U.S and European left governments have acted like there are money trees in the various treasury department gardens.
Governments have kept doling out money to all types of  worthless programs .
 Most of the ordinary people in the world have to live within their means. Why not the U.S. and European government? At the rate things are going, the U.S. and EU are going to collectively default.

 Imposing a big new tax on the most productive wealth-creators in the U.S. and EU would deliver a devastating blow to the worlds economy. 

The U.S. and EU have 50% of the world’s GDP, 30 trillion dollars.
More taxes when we can least afford to pay them is insanity. More taxes will harm U.S. and EU businesses in competition with other states. Right now we should try to rival that dysfunctional disaster in terms of punishing success and rewarding failure.

The mid term election in the US have shown that American people are moving against big Government, socialist ideas, and higher taxes.
 And yet still, we have to listen to the la-la land howls of socialist ideologues, Pelosi, Obama, Reid, and their friends in Europe. Tax more and punish the success.

 President Obama and his Union movement who think we need to implement more taxes on the small businesses. The rich  will wake up one day and find all the business in manufacturing and services, have drifted eastwards, and there will be no one left to pay for the public services that they cherish.

Socialism is an failure idea  followed without intelligent thought. Spending and deficit was just another example of the decision-making of politicians in the US and EU in the last two decades. 

Low-taxes, effective small government, and conservatism is the true source of success in the economy. Governor Rick Perry is the best example in the world today. If you look at all of the inventions that U.S. has developed over history, it is easy to see that our strengths are in leadership, creativity, innovation and new technology. Rick Perry is a source of inspiration for politicians worldwide and hard-working entrepreneurs.
Sahit Muja
President & CEO
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