The 10 Most Popular Countries for Chinese Property Investors

Chinese property investors have carved out a huge presence in international markets over the course of recent years. Large volumes of transactions in a number of different markets …

Chinese property investors have carved out a huge presence in international markets over the course of recent years. Large volumes of transactions in a number of different markets now come from Chinese investors, including many high-value purchases. According to data from a leading Chinese property portal, the top ten countries for Chinese investors in international real estate are:

10. Malaysia

Chinese developers are investing heavily in Malaysian construction projects. This is lending confidence to investment property buyers, who are following suit by investing in the same market.

9. Spain

Spain has recently suffered as a result of the Eurozone crisis, but now shows signs of recovery. Perhaps, like investors from other countries, Chinese investors are hoping to pick up a bargain before things pick up again.

8. Portugal

Portugal has been encouraging international property investment with a new visa policy for investor-immigrants. This has certainly been successful among Chinese investors. 80% of applicants for this scheme are Chinese.

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7. Singapore

Singapore has traditionally been even more popular with Chinese buyers, but has recently brought in measures to cut the number of properties sold to foreign investors. Nonetheless, it remains a popular market among Chinese investors.

6. Thailand

Thailand is currently getting a lot of attention from investors in many countries, and China is certainly no exception. This is perhaps because of the ASEAN Trade Pact, which allows Chinese buyers to access a much wider Asian market through Thai properties.

5. New Zealand

A year ago, New Zealand was the tenth most popular country for Chinese property investment. It has now jumped halfway up the list as its popularity surges. A quarter of all foreign buyers of New Zealand property are now Chinese.

4. The UK

Chinese buyers are keen on UK properties, partly because of the weight that London’s property market carries internationally. However, Chinese buyers are increasingly looking at other urban markets in the UK as well, such as Manchester and Newcastle.

3. Canada

Canadian property draws Chinese buyers partly because Canada is conveniently locate for investors in China. Just across the Pacific, it is more physically accessible than many other major property markets.

2. Australia

Australia is immensely popular with property investors from China, and there are a number of factors that serve to make the market attractive. Australia has had a long-term stable market which held up well during the global financial crisis, and also benefits from high demand for rental properties.

1. The USA

Chinese investors account for a large portion of foreign property sales in the USA, and this is currently their number one international market of choice. Chinese buyers are snapping up US properties, sometimes without even viewing them, in many major US markets. This is perhaps because the USA boasts a strong, varied market which, like Canada, also happens to be conveniently located just across the Pacific.


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