The Bonus Now A Necessary Incentive In Forex Trading

I spent nearly an hour screening the web for a possible forex trading broker that does not offer incentives to traders. I was unable to identify a single …

I spent nearly an hour screening the web for a possible forex trading broker that does not offer incentives to traders. I was unable to identify a single one. However, the types of incentives did vary from one broker to another, with just a few such as account opening bonus being the most common among brokers.

In general, I did notice that offering live and funded account bonuses to traders was a dominant feature across several forex brokers, which illustrated the importance of incentivized trading platforms. Binary options brokers have also joined the league brokers offering account-opening bonuses, which again signal the overall trend in online trading.

Online Trading is becoming a second nature to investors

Technology is making things move faster than anyone would have anticipated a couple of decades ago. Indeed, in the early 2000s, a majority of investing was still exchange-based with trading activity on online platforms still limited to personal computers and laptops.

However, over the last seven years, there have been interesting developments in the gadgetry market, with the introduction of application-driven devices such as smartphones and tablets now able to oversee massive trading activity across the globe.

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In fact, every broker, or trading platform provider is now finding it hard to operate without providing an application-based platform for clients. Traders want to know what is happening in the global financial markets on the go. They want to trade from anywhere in the world, whether in motion or static, as long as, there is internet connection.

Therefore, the introduction of the mobile devices has boosted trading activity over the last seven years, and now, online trading is almost becoming second nature to all investors.

Increased trading ushers in increased service providers, hence an uptick in competition

The lure of the rapidly growing global financial markets has attracted several providers in the market, with online brokers setting up platforms almost on a daily basis.

The ability to set up online brokerage services attracts fewer barriers to entry, and hence once up online, the challenge of getting clients and maintaining them cuts across the divide.

Whether small or large, every broker is trying to provide the best services and in addition incentives in a bid to sustaining and growing the active client list.

Among the most common incentives as pointed out is the account-opening bonus, which gives traders the opportunity to make more from less capital investment. It is an incentive every trader would welcome however small, as long as every other feature/requirement remains intact.


The bottom line is that forex bonus is a massive incentive for traders and brokers including those offering binary option trading brokerage services continue to add this element to the list of their incentivized offerings.


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