The Reasons Why Wireless Alarms Systems are Ideal for Construction Site Security

Keeping the site safe and secure is one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry these days. These sites often contain a lot of valuable machinery as …

Keeping the site safe and secure is one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry these days. These sites often contain a lot of valuable machinery as well as large quantities of construction materials. They are also left empty during the night most of the time after the workers have gone home.

This obviously makes them a clear target for thieves looking to get their hands on some easy money. Using security guards can be a high cost solution and doesn’t always provide the level of security needed. However, an increasingly popular way of keeping construction sites free of intruders and other problems is with wireless alarm systems. The following are a few of the main reasons why this is the case.

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No Electricity Needed

One of the big problems on many construction sites is that there is no electricity to run a standard hard wired burglar alarm. They may use a generator during the day but when it gets dark everything gets shut down and there is simply no way to run a hard wired alarm system. The first big benefit to construction site wireless security alarms is therefore that they run on battery power and can be left switched on even when no-one is there and the generator is sitting silently in a corner of the site. This lack of cables is one of the reasons many homeowners feel more confident about using wireless systems as well now. There is no way that a thief can just cut the wires to knock out the system, which is a big benefit in any construction site as well. There are no worries about the batteries running out without busy site managers being aware of it, as the best systems on the market notify the person in charge of the battery status automatically.

Can Be Moved About

As the construction work progresses it could be the case that security requirements changes for a number of reasons. This could be due to one area now being more secure while another area now has the valuable equipment stored in a not very safe place. It could also be that the changing work areas mean that sensors need to be moved to avoid getting in the way of the workers on the site. To deal with these changing security demands it is possible to move a wireless system’s sensors around easily to protect the necessary areas. This also means that once the entire construction job is completed it is easy to take the wireless alarm system to a new site and use it in the same way there. None of these things is easy to do with a wired system and even relatively minor changes to the security requirements and sensor placements can cause a major problem or delay. Wireless alarm systems can also typically be extended fairly easily when necessary, which can be a big benefit when it is needed to be used in a larger site than the last one it was on.

Remote Monitoring

The person who is ultimately responsible for security at the construction site will want to be able to control it as much as possible. This isn’t always easy, especially if they are controlling various different sites at the same time. The use of a wireless alarm system lets them take more control because they can monitor the security wherever they are. This means being able to activate and de-activate the system on a remote basis and it also means being instantly advised of any incidents that need to be brought to their attention.

Human Contact

One aspect of alarm monitoring that many people are now keener on is contact with a real human voice. When an incident needs to be reported or a message passed on contract with a human in an alarm receiving centre can be very reassuring. This is one of the advantages offered by the top construction site alarm systems. They don’t rely upon automated messages or other impersonal methods of communication. Instead, they offer the comfort and reassurance of real human contact. When you are trying to keep a construction site safe and secure this can be a very important point to bear in mind. 


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