The Riviera Maya is Hitting the Green Scene

Real Estate in the Riviera Maya is going green, and it is perfectly fitting since areas like Tulum, Sian Kaan and Akumal are known for being ecologically respected. …

Real Estate in the Riviera Maya is going green, and it is perfectly fitting since areas like Tulum, Sian Kaan and Akumal are known for being ecologically respected. With continued and expected growth in real estate and commercial business in the area, it is important for builders to be green conscious when designing new building concepts.

In talks during the NAR Expo in San Francisco, this past November, we discussed creating an event to bring down NAR certified Green experts to train and certify our very own Riviera Maya area brokers, agents and architects.

Going Green through collaboration

The National Association of Realtors Green Recourse Council is an independent sector of NAR that is making great strides to provide positive education to brokers, agents and builders and gearing to teach them how to GO GREEN through real estate. The whole world needs to collaborate, and work as a team, to achieve this very important goal.

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The Focus

The program focuses on building energy efficient homes and buildings and supporting eco-friendly communities like those in the Riviera Maya. According to the NAR Green Council Website, nine out of every 10 buyers would rather buy a home with energy efficient features, than one without those features costing 2-3% less.

Are you surprised? Probably not since the cost savings on energy over time will certainly make up for it. While heating in the Riviera Maya is a subject far removed from our brains, we still deal with incredibly high electricity bills due to AC usage. There is a demand for consciously built, energy efficient, homes from consumers.

The idea is to provide true awareness and to eliminate “greenwashing” (a false claim to be green). Attendees will learn about energy efficiency and new energy technologies as well as health benefits and design of green living.

How to gain Certification

The program is made up of three courses, each with required exams that must be passed in order to receive Green Certification by the NAR council. This is a very important and respected certification and recognition to hold as a professional real estate broker, or agent, in the US and now in Mexico. As some people may know, you do not have to be licensed to sell real estate in Mexico. So having the proper credentials from the United States and Mexico can sincerely boost your credibility to consumers.

We are incredibly excited to partake in this event and to get everyone excited about going green. Energy efficiency is a number one concern, not just our consumers, but also for the environment. We are truly lucky to be surrounded by incredible nature and beauty down in the Riviera Maya, and I for one am driven to keep it that way.


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