Things to do before you Start your Franchise Business

Alright, so you have signed your contract with the franchisor and you are deciding on opening up your franchise to the public. However, if you are serious about …

Alright, so you have signed your contract with the franchisor and you are deciding on opening up your franchise to the public. However, if you are serious about setting up your franchise business with the objective of providing what your customers wants at the right place at the right cost. To reach to that extent, make sure you have everything on this article down to the last point.

Perfect Location

You can’t spend enough time trying to find out the best location for your business. You have to ensure you are set up in a place with enough foot traffic, easily accessible by potential customers with ample parking space and altogether the best location for your business. Yes, real estate prices will be a major factor when choosing the location, however, be aware that little money you try to save up on rent will affect you in the long run.

Franchise Manual

Franchise businesses will have a large number of rules and regulations set forth by the franchisor. You should be familiar with all the rules set forth by your franchisor so that you are compliant with the franchisor’s requirements.

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Hire and Train Staff

You should be having enough staff to help support your business. You have to have confident and extremely brilliant staff to ensure your business is running smoothly. Make sure you hire the right employees and give them enough training to help them fit into their roles smoothly.


Your franchisor will be having a set contract with the best vendors in their businesses and you will also be required to work with them. Make sure you have a good business relationship with all your vendors and are able to get enough stock of inventory as and when required. Make sure your requirements are assessed properly overtime so as to keep the inventory stocked up correctly.

Right Business Structure

It is always good to have a proper business structure in place along with the franchise agreement. It will be good to go ahead with an LLC registration as it can provide a layer of protection for your personal assets and those of the business. Should you be in some legal hassle, your personal belongings will not be part of the business.

Business Licenses

Make sure your business licenses are in order for you to operate. This is very important if you plan to run a retail or restaurant business since you will need to have each of your staff go through health safety training and certification.

Develop Business and Marketing Plans

Even if your franchisor will have a set business and marketing plan to help run your business, it is advisable you formulate your own strategies and goals. Keep track of these goals and ensure that you are making enough efforts to reach these strategies and goals.

There are a few more things you will need to keep in mind before you open doors for business. Talk to our experts at FranchiseExpo today and get on track!



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