Thinking Of Building an Investment Portfolio? You Should Get A Lawyer

No, you aren’t in trouble… …but you might be if you do not consult your lawyer. You see, something can look quite good from the outside but you …

No, you aren’t in trouble…

…but you might be if you do not consult your lawyer. You see, something can look quite good from the outside but you need to get a lawyer to look through the ‘fine print’ to make sure that you aren’t being scammed or even worse, getting yourself inadvertently involved in something criminal. This is why all the rich, successful investors have a bunch of lawyers on retainer – not only to deal with the potential lawsuits but also to protect their present and future investments.

How do you go about this?

Once you identify an investment opportunity, you need to go to your local law firm like KEL Attorneys Tampa and let them know what you are about to do. It helps if you have already dealt with these lawyers before. If not, please do your research to find out which is the best law firm that you can work with. Once you do that, you can have the company you are investing either in or with send over the documents to your lawyers. Alternatively, you could get them to them but just make sure that you have everything needed for a properly analysis.

What should you expect from them?

Different law firms offer different services within the area of investment advice. Perhaps of important mention is that they should help you go through the necessary (and often cumbersome) registration processes that necessary for your kind of investment.

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Other services include (among many others):

·         Advise on innovations

If you are creating a new product or service, your lawyers should be able to give you the necessary legal advice. For instance, if your product will potentially affect the environment or your service will be exclusive, they may need to advice you on the wordings to use when registering it in order to avoid countersuits when your ‘invention’ hits the market.

·         Guidance in mergers and choosing advisors

Your lawyers should help you choose the best investment advisors specialized in that market. They should also be present representing you in case of a merger to make sure that you get what you deserve. This means that they must do all they can to read through all the documents before advising you along with your investment advisor to agree to the deal.

·         Preparing you for regulatory examinations

The oversight body in your area of investment will need to see that you have met all their regulatory requirements before licensing you to operate within the industry. Your investment advice lawyer should walk you through this and be able to answer any questions you may have.

·         Reviewing your marketing

Your lawyer will need to see what your advertisements look like, what they promise and what they imply to the public in order to make sure that you are not opening yourself up to any potential problems. The choice of words here is very important to avoid the accusation of misleading the public.


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