Tips for Managing Your Mobile Workforce

 Whether you manage a team of real estate agents, contractors, or remote employees, trying to keep track of everyone when they’re not always under the same roof can …

 Whether you manage a team of real estate agents, contractors, or remote employees, trying to keep track of everyone when they’re not always under the same roof can be a lot – even if you’ve been a manager for a while. Since there is less face to face time in the office, connecting with employees, monitoring their productivity, and even motivating them to excel can present some challenges. Fear not, however, as there are a lot of things you can do to make managing easier.

Transparent Tracking is Key

When your staff is mobile, or constantly moving from one location to another it can be hard to track their productivity. It can also be hard to find the balance in your managing style. Being too lax could result in work falling through the cracks. Assignments go undone or are completed poorly and the company’s reputation suffers as a result. On the other hand, micromanaging every task your employees are responsible for could cause you to fall behind on your own work.

One of the great things about managing teams in this day and age is the many technological resources there are to make your job easier. Using a mobile workforce management system such as those offered by Asure Software can take the stress and confusion out of managing your team. You can have staff clock in and out as well as monitor the progress of assigned tasks.

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Cloud Technology for Collaborations

Whether you’re flipping a property or trying to sell a home to an interested party, there are various steps to completing the larger goal. This often means working with various different parts of your team to complete the project. You should be sure to use collaborative technology such as project management tools so that you can manage a project from start to finish.

Many types of software allows managers to delegate tasks, monitor the progress, check the budget, and much more. With innovative cloud technology capabilities, these platforms can be accessed and updated from any mobile device. Users have the ability to review project information in real time for easier execution across the board.

Stay Connected

Technology can sometimes create an “anti-social” environment. When you’re used to interacting with your staff through electronic platforms, suddenly the communication falls by the wayside. Though you might have invested in some of the software recommended above, it is still important to reach out to your employees on a regular basis.

Weekly meetings allow you to express things you may not be able to through technology. You can assure the team is on the same page and that projects are being taken care of as they should. One on one meetings are also ideal so you can check in on your employees. You want to make sure that they’re successful at their careers and the best way to do that is to ensure them that you’re there to help if need be. If you’re all located far away from each other, there is also the option to stay in touch with a phone call, or video chat applications.

It may take some time to adjust to having employees or team members in remote locations, but with the right tools and procedures in place, it can work. Before deciding to employ a mobile workforce, be sure that you’ve set strong guidelines for everyone to oblige by so that managing them is easy. By remaining in contact consistently and incorporating technological resources like mobile and project management software, you’ll find that managing a mobile team is just as simple as if they were under one roof. 


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