Tips on How to Buy Your Home Appliances on a Budget

Whether you are looking to remodel an entire kitchen or simply replace a dishwasher that you can no longer justify repairing, budget will be a consideration for most …

Whether you are looking to remodel an entire kitchen or simply replace a dishwasher that you can no longer justify repairing, budget will be a consideration for most of us. Though the price of domestic appliances has lowered over the years with most UK households now considering a washing machine a basic necessity, they are still not cheap and will be a considered purchase for many. So how do you get the appliance you want without blowing the budget? Following the tips below should ensure that you get the best deal on the right appliance for you.

Consider buying second hand

If your budget really is on the tight side then a second hand appliance could be a great way for you to secure the brand or features that you want at a price that suits your pocket. It is astonishing what people get rid of, whether due to a kitchen makeover of their own or a change of circumstances – the chest freezer is obsolete now the kids have left home, or that slim line dishwasher just doesn’t cut it with a new baby in the house. Many of these appliances will still have a good working life ahead of them, and in some cases be almost like new! While the old adage ‘if it looks too good to be true…’ still stands, with some careful research and probing questions you might just secure yourself a bargain. Ensure the appliance works, ask how old it is and what level of usage it has had, a well-used machine will of course have sustained more wear and tear, but if you have the time to spare the price of the machine plus minor parts and labour may still make the appliance more cost effective for you than purchasing new.

How about ex-display or ‘seconds’?

If you really can’t warm to the idea of having someone else’s old appliance and budget allows then consider approaching kitchen or appliance retailers for ex display models. These are no longer ‘brand new in box’ despite probably never having been connected up and used and the retailer is therefore obliged to sell them at less than top dollar. Similarly, cosmetic flaws are another great way of getting your appliance of choice; a small scratch or dent which won’t affect the performance of the appliance will drive down the retail price of the machine none the less. Many of these flaws will be so minor that they will not spoil the appearance of your kitchen and a small dent or scratch on a built in appliance will never be on show.

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What features matter to you?

These days the choice of home appliance features on offer is vast, with many washing machineshaving been designed with technology to rival that of NASA or ovens that look like art installations and do all but lay the table! But it is usually the case that you get what you pay for, and a machine that offers every conceivable feature will cost more than a basic appliance, particularly if you add good looks into the mix; consider what is important to you – does your tumble dryer need to look swish if it is housed in a garage out of sight? Do you need a steam shot function on your washing machine or would the normal, quick and delicate wash cycles suffice? In not being led astray by additional features you may find the appliance you actually need is within your budget.

Try not to impulse buy

Unless you are really in a fix needing to replace a machine that has let you down then take your time over your new purchase. Shop around to find the home appliance you want at the best price available – this is made so much easier by the ability to browse online. If you can, try to wait for the best time to buy – sales time or when retailers are running special offers, cash back incentives or points boosters. These can all add up to bring the machine you want down to a price you can afford. Even if retailers appear to price match, it is still worth reading the small print or asking an assistant to see if an extended warranty or disposal of your existing appliance (particularly fridges or freezers) is cheaperthan a competitor or can be added in to sweeten the deal and win them the sale.

When all else fails, haggle!

You may feel a little awkward but haggling needn’t just be for markets or car boots, even high street retailers have targets to meet and stock to shift so grit your teeth and get stuck in as there may be deals to be had. A good starting point is if you need a number of household appliances such as a tumble dryer, washing machine and dishwasher, enquire whether there would be any price incentive if you were to buy all three together – just make sure you have price compared before so you know you are getting each appliance at the best rate. You can also do this on spare parts as well.

Finally, stick to budget…..

Decide what you are willing to spend well before heading to the shops. Additional features or extra gadgets all add up so if you didn’t intend on buying a built in coffee maker or top of the range retro style fridge then don’t, however tempting – know your needs and your budget and stick to them!


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