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The way a business is run will depend on the manager and or the people running the company and is not an easy task. As a manager, you …

The way a business is run will depend on the manager and or the people running the company and is not an easy task. As a manager, you will need to set sound goals and it is these goals that will foretell or determine the success of the business. Such goals should be explained to help in implementing them. There is also a need to keep record and realize that stakeholders to your entity are as important as customers so there is a need to motivate your employees.

Creating goals believes that good business management should entail sound goals, such goals should be realistic and they should be written down. Breakdown the goals into sub goals and clearly write what is expected on every sub category. You should understand that you need to create both short and long term goals. Short term goals will always lead you to those long term goals and thus staffing will be very important as to deciding who does what. The goals should be measurable through the performance of your business and you should always prioritize some goals as you won’t need to do everything at once.

What you know is not enough

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Most people will tell you, ‘know-how’ is the key to success, but that is not always the case. You may open up a business, be it a restaurant or a retail shop and maybe within a few months have many customers, but there are times you will need to advice from other people, like consultants, and need a whole lot of people behind you when your business crumbles down. You will need to familiarize yourself with other businesses, learn and gain knowledge from them as this will help you to tackle major problems concerning your business. Major success among businesses come as result of studying the market but more than what you learnt in class or what you know, it’s what you learn through implementation,  as well as trial and error that really makes a difference.

Building the right team

You will need the right team of ‘employees’ who will back you, you may lack some skills like management, marketing skills but getting the skilled workers will help you on your weaker areas. Remember, in the current volatile market you will need skills and knowledge. There are new business start-ups every day and there is a need to armor yourself with the right knowledge, the right skills and the understanding that you can’t do it alone. You will need a team, but be advised, don’t happen to employ your friends or your family if you really want to  have success in business. There is nothing wrong in hiring friends or relatives for the business but such scenarios normally leads to slow growth or no growth at all. One of the most successful airlines ‘Air-Asia’ CEO was once quoted saying that the employees are the most important stakeholders within a business because a happy employee will treat and serve a customer well with a guarantee to use same service again. Most of us know that a customer comes first that anyone but if you look closely, employees are most important.

Be consistent.

Many business thrive because they are consistent, the stakeholders are all consistent in what they are doing. When you are consistent enough you will be able to strategize and enhance the performance of the business.



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