Top 20 Real Estate Blogs: Part One

Investors have a seemingly unending supply of options when it comes to news sources. One source, the blog, is often perceived as a forum of thought and communication …

Investors have a seemingly unending supply of options when it comes to news sources. One source, the blog, is often perceived as a forum of thought and communication but can also serve as a personal soapbox and pulpit for writers seeking to share ideas. What many investors don’t know is that blogs can be excellent sources of inside information on investments, particularly in the real estate industry.

Despite the volatility of the U.S. economy, one thing remains constant: Investors will always look to stay ahead of the curve. Blogs provide a variety of sources outside the norm to keep investors informed and educated.

In an effort to make the world of real estate blogging easier to digest, NuWire created a list of the top 20 real estate blogs. The criteria used to determine the list were:

  • Unique, timely and relevant content
  • Credible material from credible sources
  • Engaging to read
  • Regular updates

Here are the top 10 real estate blogs, in alphabetical order (check back next week for the rest of the top 20):

4 Realz

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Author Dustin Luther discusses breaking news on technology, issues, legislation and trends that drive the real estate market. Especially quirky is his tabbing system, which encourages readers to comment on posts or send him messages by appropriately tagging each tab with rooms in a common residential house: closet (for skeletons); living room (where he does his best work); bedroom (for secrets) and bathroom (the only place where potty talk is allowed). Luther’s blog is smart, timely and informative—not to mention quirky and a fun read.


The Bigger Pockets blog is a subsidy of the main website, which serves as an online networking platform for real estate community members worldwide. The blog, which features contributors from throughout the U.S., discusses real estate news, trends and strategies that are keeping the industry buzzing. It’s a good read for any investor interested in staying up to date on breaking news and who enjoys the idea of a community blog with different voices.

Bloodhound Blog

Another contributor-based site, Bloodhound Blog chronicles postings from some of the nation’s top service providers. Complete with lenders, investment experts and technology gurus, Bloodhound Blog is an investor’s one-stop source for all things real estate. Originally a broker-oriented real estate blog out of Phoenix, Bloodhound slowly added contributors in the form of Realtors, mortgage brokers, stagers and even an SEO expert. Bloodhound is built to be read by investors and service providers alike, but best serves those looking to build a business with new technology, ideas and some networking.

Future of Real Estate Marketing

Founder Joel Burslem’s background in public relations and marketing lends itself well to this site, which is developed and produced with the intention of discussing marketing and advertising in the world of real estate. The site’s engaging and cheeky discussion makes for an entertaining read and provides a glimmer of honesty in what can be, at times, a shady side of the industry.
Logging over nine million hits in the past four years, Grow A Brain doesn’t always cover real estate—in fact, it has more than 100 categories tagged in its archives—but it certainly provides interesting insight into the topics creating a buzz online. Israeli born author and investor Hanan Levin specializes in commercial and residential real estate. This site is an interesting read for investors looking for the odd post about real estate, technology, current events and unusual cultural musings.
Produced by the editors of BusinessWeek, Hot Property is a media-affiliated blog that narrates the flux of the lending industry and the political issues influencing market changes. Unafraid of discussing the causes of the unstable mortgage market, Hot Property lends itself well to readers looking for the salty truth about economic trends that affect real estate. By tackling timely issues such as credit scores, politics and the housing slump, Hot Property wins over readers looking for the honest and unabridged truth about the things that influence real estate.
Inman Blog
A permanent fixture in the real estate media industry and most top blog lists, the Inman Blog was an obvious candidate for NuWire’s top blog picks. Because it is a part of a larger site, the Inman Blog has the ability to cover timely news impacting real estate markets worldwide.
The Matrix blog is one of the more well-written blogs in the real estate industry. Author Jonathan Miller seeks to provide a “stream of information and commentary relating to local, national and international real estate topics…pouring out of the news media.” Matrix is an interesting choice for investors looking for an honest and educated perspective on the consumer demographics that influence the trends that influence real estate.
Rain City Guide has received one prior mention in The Brink Tank, one of our own blogs, but merits another mention on this list. One of the only location-specific blogs on the list, Rain City Guide is a collaborative blog with contributors from around the Seattle area. One of the better features of this blog is the readers. Most any post will provide excellent reading beyond the posts and into the comments. Contributors include agents, attorneys, engineers and lenders.
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